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A minor proposal to extend the life of SWTOR (Part 1)

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A minor proposal to extend the life of SWTOR (Part 1)

I could use many areas to make the following points but I'll concentrate on using the Black Hole Dailies Area for this.  If enough interest in this is gathered, I might concentrate on other areas in the future.

SWTOR has monthly alternating events.  These include the Gree Events. the Life Day Event (once per year), the Nar Shaddaa Night Life event (also once per year), Rakghoul Resurgence, and the Bounty Hunting Event. It's been 7 years now and these monthly events have grown a bit stale.  I have a proposal to change it up a bit.

Older dailies area tend to ignored as new content comes through.  Examples include: Corellia's Black Hole sector, Belsavis' Section X, Oricon, the Makeb dailies, the Ziost Dailies.  My proposal is that every other month, one of these areas gets the loading screen highlight with exclusive vendors that are only open during these events.   It seems to me that a lot of areas have had Stronghold decorations added to the Marketplace - but not the Black Hole area. Most of the following are already assets in the game and would probably take a minimum of effort to make it available to a player. (I've also translated the words from Aurebesh for everyone's entertainment.)

1. HyperMatter Advertisements:

There are signs in the Black Hole area - both inside and outside.  Why not be able to post some of these signs on your Stronghold's walls?  Alternatively, create NEW hooks on the sides of of the buildings seen from the balconies and windows of the Nar Shaddaa, Coruscant, and Dromund Kaas strongholds?  Anyway, here are a few examples...






2. A "Keep Out" sign

I don't think I've seen one available for use in strongholds before.  I may be mistaken.


3. HyperMatter Cubes

These could brighten up a stronghold - literally.


4. HyperMatter Corporate Rug

They have other rugs available.  Why not this one?


5. New Artwork?

There have been paintings offered both on the Cartel Market and also offered as Anniversary gifts.  Why isn't there one for this daily area?  This isn't in the game but it's a mock up of what they could produce.



This item is already available via the Conquest Vendor on the Republic and Imperial Fleet.  I thought I would post this just in case folks made a recommendation for it's inclusion. 


However, do you have any suggestions to promote the Black Hole Daily Area?  Other missions?  Other decorations or equipment?


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Though I'm not following TOR [yet] I like how you build and curated this entry; it filled with wonderful scenery of amazing artistry. Noice! :cheers:

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Here's an additional suggestion...

6. New Rewards for the Heroic Missions

There are two Heroic missions in this area: one is Republic aligned, the other is Imperial.  What better way to get folks interested in doing both sides than having exclusive rewards for doing each mission? Here's my suggestion.



Yes, I may have more ideas coming.

BTW, feel free to tweet about this topic to expand visibility on this.  (And if you do this, don't forget to tag "@SWTOR" as well!)

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