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TSLRCM 1.8.5 question

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Hello all,i am pretty new to deadlystream so i also posted this in the kotor modding category,i am deeply sorry about that,it won't happen again.

So,regarding tslrcm 1.8.5,are the following mods compatible with it?Will i have to worry about anything?I already did some checking before,but i just want to be sure,that's why i am asking for other opinions.Note that i also write them in the exact order that i installed them(also using gog version of the game):

1.Widescreen fix(Uniws patcher+ui fix)

2.TSLRCM 1.8.5 itself

3.Wound in the force 2.0(head replacement)

4.90SK robe pack final(robes skins)

5.Default hilts replacement megapack 8.1

6.TOR Series saber mod v2.0

7.High level force powers v2+update 2.1(yes,i know that this one is compatible from the compatibility list)

8.Remove force powers restrictions for armours

Any response would be appreciated.Thanks in advance!


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Okay then,thank you for responding.I am also pretty confident,the one mod that i am not sure about is Tor series sabers mod,it adds loads of new buildable lightsabers to the game.I hope there won't be an issue with it

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8 hours ago, FVladAndrei said:

Hello all. I am pretty new to Deadly Stream so I also posted this in the [wrong section - the] KotOR modding category

You should probably introduce yourself to the community then.  And maybe ask a Staff member to delete the duplicate thread?  Just a thought.

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