"Vegeeeeetaaaa... VEGEEEEEEEETAAAAAA!"

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"I'm haunting you!!!"  --Ghost Nappa


Hey!  Long time no see!  So some of you folks might recognize me from Lucasforums.  Yes it is I, and I am he; He who promotes hawt dumpster sechs, he who set the roof on fire, he who tried to fusion star wars with car robberies...and failed...the one with terrible taste.  It's (formerly) Darth_Avlectus/GTA:SWcity.  Now just...Avlectus.  

And if nobody recognizes me, that's cool.  If you're pretending not to remember but are lurking in passive-aggressive fashion because you can't stand not to read just everything: HI STALKERS!!!    I definitely recognize some of you.  


To any of you I don't know...I'd like to say you whippersnappers were missing out.  But I couldn't tell ya just what us slightly older jackasses were up to, posting on LF.  The hilarity that ensued from drunk or blazed posts. 

So how you folks been doing?  I know I took my sweet fat time coming down here and registering.  Been like 3 years since LF bit the dust.  I talked to Purifier (or whatever he's now called here) via email.  I hear some of you are messing with Blender Cycles.  That's awesome.   Just been busy with life in general myself.  Playing GTA Online and some other not SW games when I get the time.    



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