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Free SWTOR Character Profile Flair (until the end of the year)

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This has been out on the web for some time but I haven't mentioned here.  Thought I should do so before anyone might miss out.  (This flair is only available until December 31st.)

There's sometime available in SWTOR called "Flair" which adds a pretty border to your character profile.  You can turn switch between flair types or even toggle it off.  Here's how to get your free flair which was offered during one of the SWTOR Livestreams.

1) Log into your account on

2) Find the "My SWTOR" tab.  Hover over it and then click on the "Redeem A Code" section that'll appear.


3) Enter the following code into the search bar on the Redeem a Code page: SWCANTINA2018

4) Your Code will be mailed your characters in game.  The Flair will be attached to the email as an item.  Add it to your inventory and then right click on it.  It will then be added your profile.

5) To toggle between your Flair, you need to find where it is.  Click "C" to open your Character Profile page.

6) Locate the "Medal" icon and click it. Choose the "Livestream Cantina - 2018" to activate the Flair.



Here's a before picture - showing the character picture and profile before the Flair was added.



And here it is afterwards.



If you decide to use a different flair - or none at all - click that option.


Close up of the new Flair...


The top part in Aurebesh reads "Livestream".  The bottom is "Cantina '18"


If you're logging in to take advantage of double XP anyway, you may as well score a free bonus while you're at it.


Admins: Please lock this thread after December 31st, 2018.

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You can also currently get an Old Republic flair:


from the Anniversary vendor on the fleet, found in the Strongholds section. The vendor also has a number of stronghold decorations and, most importantly for new players, a holostatue which will allow you to purchase new skills out in the field without needing to visit a trainer. All of it is free until January 15, I believe.

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