Creating an alternative to CSLU Toolkit

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Hey everyone. I realise this might be a bit of a long shot and unfortunately I lack the skills myself to really contribute to this, but, I was hoping to get together some people to finally crack an alternative to using the now defunct CSLU Toolkit to create LIP files as discussed in this thread. I, among a few others, still have access to the software, but there are plenty of people out there without access that would benefit from a new tool being available for it. I have my own reasons for this, too, as I plan to building a new PC soon(ish) and this software is essential to my machinima series. I had this idea after @JCarter426 mentioned this in the linked thread: 

"...The only tricky part of the format is the phonemes, as KOTOR only accepts a few specific phonemes and LipSynchEditor is set up to filter them based on CSLU's naming conventions. So long as whatever replacement tool is able to output its phonemes as a text file, it wouldn't be difficult to write a program to convert its text format to match CSLU's, or edit LipSynchEditor to filter based on the new format."

If anyone would like to throw their hat into the ring, please feel free to do so. Hopefully among the many talented people on this site we could create a solution to this issue.

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