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Visas meditation chamber bug?

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So I was playing as a Light Side male with TSLCRM and a handful of other mods. And once I got to the Ravager and Visas' mediation chamber, I get her Dark Side speech and red clouds. The prompt says she strengthened her connection to the Dark Side but that seems a bit strange considering I am Light Side and have high influence. 

One thing I DID do differently than on my earlier playthroughs was after the Rebuilt Jedi Enclave sequence, deny her the chance to meditate with me and 'look at me'. My guess is that that somehow locked her Dark Side trigger for her meditation chamber, though I would find that a bit odd. 

So is Visas' chamber sequence determined by that conversation on the Ebon Hawk after Dantooine, rather than influence or the LS/DS points of your character?

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