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Qui-Gon Glenn

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This thread can be destroyed, deleted, locked, whatever. It is a request, not really a discussion.


On LF, you would go to the Modding Tools sub, and first thing would be a stickied thread with a list of tools and their download link.


I am not nearly as active in modding as many of you in here, so I don't think I should be the one to make this list - I am ignorant of too many developments. So, I ask for this.

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5 hours ago, DarthParametric said:

That is a very helpful link.

Even that, stickied up top, is a good idea. I am just looking for functionality, and intuitivity. 

This subforum is named Modding Tools, and yet there is a discussion of only new tools in here. 


I am all for the new tools! What you guys are doing is inspiring me, and I am blown away by the effort this game still gets. That there should be a place for discussion of them is a no-brainer.


I simply think that if the sub is called Modding Tools, there should be an obvious and simple way to find them from here.


Edit: mind=blown that still works. Took forever for the page to load though.


Have all of those utilities been uploaded elsewhere? I hope so, guess later today I will make a new archive (to add to the many I've made previously). 

In my opinion, we should migrate that stuff. Tick tick tick.


Edit: the Modding Tools download link is great, but everything is in one pile. Again, in the thought that making this information easily accessible will reduce some requests and perhaps help some aspiring modders (and some old farts too) find stuff more easily.

So, the sticky link can have some groupings for the linking, like:


Area Editing and Creation


.2da Editing

General Tools - KotOR Tool, KSE, TSLPatcher, etc

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Probably the best solution would be to sticky a redirect. Easy enough for the DS tools download section, but I don't know if that works with off-site links. Worth a shot at least. Summoning @VarsityPuppet to add it to the list of mod/admin jobs.

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