Update to Sikon's Lonna Vash mod

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This baby right here

Sith Holocron made a video and shared some info about this mod on the r/kotor subreddit a few days back, so I decided to try it out. I did both a DS and LS playthrough and have quite a few thoughts on this and things I'd personally like to see changed

Before that, though, I'll point out that Sikon has given permission for anyone to take this mod and further modify it, with a couple conditions. From the readme:


You can do anything to this mod. No, really, you can, I'm neither stingy nor jealous. "Anything" includes, but is not limited to, redistribution and further modification. However, you must include the names of previous contributors (including me, Sikon), source code for all scripts (except those extracted "as is" from the original game and not recompiled), and you may not add further restrictions to redistribution terms.

As for my thoughts - this mod is great for players who want more Vash but don't really care for M4-78. It involves finding Kaah dead in the cage instead of her, with a datapad mentioning Vash was captured and taken into the cave for some ritual. Once in the secret tomb, you'll find her after completing the trials within and speak to her to either ask your questions or kill her. If you yourself don't kill her, Sion finds his way in and does the deed for you, so no conflicts with the enclave sequence later on. It's a great way to turn the tomb from an optional side quest into something woven into the main story, which I think it certainly deserves to be. It also clears a small gripe of mine - if you're running for your life from Sion out of the academy, going into the mysterious cave you were told houses a dark power hardly seems like the ideal thing to do. Now, you've got no choice if you wanna get to Vash

Now, as for the things I think this mod needs if it's to find a permanent home in a player's mod list:

Full TSLRCM compatibility. This won't cause the game to break or lock up at any point, but it will basically revert Korriban to vanilla. This mostly amounts to no HK-50 squad, the return of the infinite Hssiss bug, and losing some restored lines - most notably "Apathy is death" from the full party, but that's still an unfortunate loss. An installer would also be nice

A G-wing was added to the valley right in front of the Hawk. I guess it's supposed to show that it was what Vash and Kaah arrived in, but I never questioned it beforehand, and it really just gets in the way

As for Vash herself, she has a few oddities which may be related to lack of restorable content. The conversation with her is a bit awkward. For one, the questions you ask the other masters are mostly all the same, while what you ask Vash is worded differently. At least some uniformity in dialogue options would do well. She also for some reason knows Kreia's name without you ever mentioning it when discussing Force bonds. The weirdest thing, however, is if you decide to fight her - for whatever reason, she has a -100 modifier to all her saves, so no matter what effect you try to apply to her, it'll always hit. And again, this might also be related to lack of restorable content, but you will not learn a saber/Force form from her if you fight or let her go. Also, when you kill her, she just drops dead and you walk away, no Force draining. Even if lines for her saber/Force form can't be restored, it should be simple enough to add in a scene of draining her Force and having your own FP increased

So anyways, bit of a long post. This is sort of half review, half suggestions for improving the mod, among whatever other changes might bring it up to the high standards we have now, but after trying this out, I find myself a pretty big fan!

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I'm looking into the files and I've noticed there contains a file called "702kor.mod" in this mod. I find this odd as apparently TSLRCM lacks a "702kor.mod" because it always crashes, same goes for "401dxn.mod". I'd like to ask: What causes it to crash/break and how would you know if it crashed or break


This question has been asked before if this can help anyone conceive an answer.


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