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RESOURCE:Modder's Resource: SpaceAlex's Unfinished K1 Enhancement Pack

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Modder's Resource: SpaceAlex's Unfinished K1 Enhancement Pack

SpaceAlex's Unfinished K1 Enhancement Pack

Modder's Resource for:  KoTOR.


 I DID NOT CREATE THIS. SpaceAlex did. It was intended to be both a cosmetic NPC upgrade, a loot upgrade that added new items for Knights of the Old Republic, and more. Sadly, it was never finished, but plenty of work was completed by the time the project was cancelled as these screenshots display. Since SpaceAlex's K1 Enhancement Pack was not hosted on the website, I decided to host it myself and provide an easy link to all the assets so someone can either finish it or use bits and pieces of it in their own mods. Personally, I would like the entire mod to be finished as SpaceAlex intended with the NPC Modification Pack Bonus Content, Party Member Reskins, Player Character Clothing and Head Reskins, and Miscellaneous items implemented as optional add-ons. 

Also, there is a fix for invisible heads for some reason, here: . Please download this too if you're using it as a mod or just using it for editing. 

Lastly, do not use this with K1 Restoration because it will cause cosmetic glitches such as Outcast Children looking like Mandalorians. 



NOTE: I just realized that I took out a few pieces of the file so it would work. I took out anything related to Darth Bandon and Calo Nord, as these additions cause game-breaking bugs. 


-The Deadlystream Website Team for creating this website.

-SpaceAlex for creating all these assets

-All the great modders and users in this community

-Fred Tetra for his KOTOR Tool which makes this possible

-The original creator of TSL Patcher, which makes mod installation so much easier

-BioWare for creating the Odyssey Engine and this awesome game. 

-milestails and Fallen Guardian for providing the files themselves:!121&cid=AF290B5E544EBB56


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