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Player Character Dialogue from KOTOR1 and 2

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The player character does have some brief vocal responses in both games - like when the open a footlocker and along those lines.  Does anyone have a complete list of what the characters say in those sound files and what the names of tho sound files are? Additionally, when listing the sound files if you could list whether they are male or female, that would be helpful.  Because if I'm grabbing folks to do the lines for the Korriban Expansion voiceover project, why not get them to do the voices in the original games so it's the same all the way through?

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I do for the male ones, actually. I'm not sure if the female lines are different or not. These are from K1:


p_plyermw_atk1.wav    *attack grunt*
p_plyermw_atk2.wav    *attack grunt*
p_plyermw_atk3.wav    *attack grunt*
p_plyermw_atk4.wav    *attack grunt*
p_plyermw_atk5.wav    *attack grunt*
p_plyermw_atk6.wav    *attack grunt*
p_plyermw_atk7.wav    *attack grunt*
p_plyermw_atk8.wav    *attack grunt*
p_plyermw_atk9.wav    *attack grunt*
p_plyermw_block1.wav    Got it.
p_plyermw_block2.wav    No problem.
p_plyermw_block3.wav    Right.
p_plyermw_crit1.wav    Hah! He'll feel that for sure.
p_plyermw_crit2.wav    That hurt, I bet!
p_plyermw_crit3.wav    You won't be getting up from that anytime soon.
p_plyermw_dead1.wav    *death grunt*
p_plyermw_dead2.wav    *death grunt*
p_plyermw_dead3.wav    *death grunt*
p_plyermw_dmin1.wav    That's a dud.
p_plyermw_dmin2.wav    OK, it's disabled.
p_plyermw_dmin3.wav    Mine disabled.
p_plyermw_flock1.wav    Damn!
p_plyermw_flock2.wav    Didn't work.
p_plyermw_flock3.wav    Dammit!
p_plyermw_hit1.wav    *pain grunt*
p_plyermw_hit2.wav    *pain grunt*
p_plyermw_hit3.wav    *pain grunt*
p_plyermw_hit4.wav    *pain grunt*
p_plyermw_hit5.wav    *pain grunt*
p_plyermw_hit6.wav    *pain grunt*
p_plyermw_lmin1.wav    One surprise trip coming up.
p_plyermw_lmin2.wav    Whoever steps on this will get a nasty shock.
p_plyermw_lmin3.wav    Mine placed.
p_plyermw_low1.wav    *grunt* I'm in a lot of pain right now!
p_plyermw_low2.wav    I should get help for my wounds!
p_plyermw_low3.wav    I'm hurt - badly!
p_plyermw_med1.wav    *sigh of relief? or something?* This should patch things up.
p_plyermw_med2.wav    This should help.
p_plyermw_pois1.wav    I think something got me sick.
p_plyermw_pois2.wav    *grunt* I think I've been poisoned.
p_plyermw_pois3.wav    *grunt* I think something is in my system.
p_plyermw_rprty1.wav    Everyone's back again.
p_plyermw_rprty2.wav    OK, let's get going again.
p_plyermw_rprty3.wav    We can get back together now.
p_plyermw_slct1.wav    Yeah?
p_plyermw_slct2.wav    Yes?
p_plyermw_slct3.wav    What?
p_plyermw_slct4.wav    Hmm?
p_plyermw_slct5.wav    Sure.
p_plyermw_slock1.wav    Opened.
p_plyermw_slock2.wav    Got it.
p_plyermw_slock3.wav    Done.
p_plyermw_sprty1.wav    I need to go alone for a bit.
p_plyermw_sprty2.wav    We'll just separate for a bit.
p_plyermw_sprty3.wav    Let me go on alone for a bit.
p_plyermw_srch1.wav    I won't miss a thing.
p_plyermw_srch2.wav    If there's something there, I'll find it.
p_plyermw_srch3.wav    Nothing will get by me.
p_plyermw_stlh1.wav    Not even a whisper.
p_plyermw_stlh2.wav    I'll avoid what I can.
p_plyermw_stlh3.wav    Silent and deadly!
p_plyermw_tia1.wav    It's not doing anything!
p_plyermw_tia2.wav    My weapon isn't doing anything!
p_plyermw_tia3.wav    I need a better weapon!

In K2 the player doesn't have a soundset, however. It's possible to add one, but only by editing a save file after you've started the game.

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