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Greetings, fellow Jedi!


I am in an attempt to do Darth Revan's voice filter like the one heard on SW:ToR- this one in particular: Republic Shadow of Revan Ending; and I would like to share with you how the progress going- along with this tutorial.

The program I am using is FL Studio 12 Producer Edition and I assume that every filters I am using on said attempt is possibly available and/or close-to-similar with every audio-editing program out there.


I also attached some screen caps to help clear things up.


So, let's start then! :cheers:


You would need two (2) layers of voices to work on to. In my attempt, both voices are un-pitched.



The purple layer goes to Mixer channel 1, and then the red layer goes to Mixer Channel 2, like this-



I am sure you were all aware about Mixer already; "All audio in FL Studio passes through the Mixer. Unless specifically directed, newly added Channels are routed to the Master Mixer Track" - support. Mixer in FL Studio would looked like this-



Now- with the 1st layer, you would want a Multiband Compressor, a Hardcore Modulator and a Stereo Shaper.

  • Theoretically, what you wanted to do with Multiband Compressor is to cut the high and middle frequencies.


  • Hardcore modulating is much effortless, turn the rate level to its fullest until you hear the voice "rattling".


  • Stereo Shaper was only to set the output to Mono [Yes- if there's a "set to mid" mix preset available, choose that!].

Assuming you're done with the 1st layer- goes to the 2nd then.


With the 2nd, you would want a Multiband Compressor, a Chorus filter and a Wave Shaper [This one is important].

  • Theoretically, what you wanted to do with Multiband Compressor is cut the low frequencies and keep some high frequencies as you like [You could say the 2nd layer EQ setup is an anomaly to the 1st layer].


  • With Chorus filter on, set the speed and intensity level as much as possible [I kept width level to zero].


  • Goes to the essential part; Wave Shaping. This one is pretty cosmetic, but essential for Darth Revan's voice [imagine Gal Gadot; she's pretty, but without make-up she no Wonder Woman] - and I can't guarantee you a clean and clear instruction here because the plug-in is just a wave form. What you would wanted to do with it is to have the voice to produce some kind of noises; like a clipping sounds [when the level of a sound reach above 5db- that "broken" sound which we were searching for].


Done with both layers, and we are done with everything. No plug-in added to the Master channel there so.. considered it is a wrap then!


The very last phase is to exporting the project; either to .WAV, .MP3, .OGG, .FLAC or etc. Your choice! But assuming you want to use it in-game, you would want to export the project either to .WAV or .MP3- mandatorily to .WAV just to be safe.


Can't guarantee we have the same result here- as different program could means different result [even using the same one didn't have its warranty].

But hey, who knows your result is better right? And it should be!

If you have any questions- just ask, PM me, or anything. I'd be glad to assist!

Also, any constructive feedbacks is very much appreciated- as I am still and will always be in learning process too! :gathering:

Good luck with the attempt, may the Force be with you! :cheers:


Attached below is an end-result of this attempt.

Keep in mind both the tutorial and/or the result is far from perfect, but self-assured; They are on the right track.


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A short guide with pictures regarding to assigning channels has been added.
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