MOD:Additional Power Crystals for TSL

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Additional Power Crystals for TSL

This modification adds extra power crystals to KotOR 2 with new icons and descriptions that follow the style of the KotOR games. Some crystals are taken from the EU and others are my own creation, so if you know your star wars lore well you will probably recognize some names while others will be novelty to you.


As of version 1.3 there are +15 crystals plus some vanilla crystal description fixes: Color Bronze; Hurrikaine Crystal; Barab Ore Ingot.


The Luxum crystal also made a return from K1, it's stats have been modified so it's no longer a lesser version of Firkrann.




I did not implement the crystals at any point in the game and as such they're only obtainable through the console. Check the readme for all the codes. Elwood288 took the liberty of placing them if you're interested 


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On 6/26/2019 at 10:55 AM, Polyblaze said:

Perhaps you could make the crystals be sold from an npc?

Rather not have some random npc sell all the crystals, kinda immersion breaking and pops out like modded content. Optimally they would come at different times, not from the same source etc. which then would make me have to compat. check many stuff...but whatever.

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On 5/28/2020 at 9:15 PM, jessemathews1982 said:

I found no readme file after downloading, therefore I have no clue how to add any crystals through the console or if even tell if the mod is working

I just downloaded the file and can confirm there is a readme inside the archive.

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