Download:JC's Loadscreen Template for K2

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File Name: JC's Loadscreen Template for K2

File Submitter: JCarter426

File Submitted: 25 Mar 2018

File Category: Modder's Resources


This is a template for the K2 style loadscreens. Included are a PNG overlay which you can place directly over your loadscreen background, as well as the PSD source. Note that the aspect ratio is 1:1, so the image will be stretched depending the display resolution. That's how the game's original loadscreens are.


Click here to download this file

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@JCarter426:  Might you (or anyone else for that matter) know how one would apply your overlays in GIMP?  Feel free to dumb it down. (LOL)

I swear I used to have instructions for this but scrolling through multiple emails and messages of the last 5 years hasn't resulting anything useful.

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Gimp can open PSD's (or at least this PSD). If you do not want to go that route just create  a new layer for under the  template layer. Add the image you are using as the loading screen  to the new layer then scale the image you are using as the loading screen to match the overlay.

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