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MOD:Female Exile Head ("Canon")

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Female Exile Head ("Canon")

This is just a simple PC portrait mod, it replaces PFHC07 with a new head (which is a modified version of PFHC05). The new head is supposed to look like http://vignette3.wik...=20091003183103, which is what Wookiepedia has as the Legends "canon" Exile.


I did not make this mod—I requested it in the appropriate thread and a few other users put it together:
- Schizo did the main bulk of the modeling work
- Effix changed the hair color (I know that according the the Revan novel the Exile has light brown hair, but I prefer blonde because of Aimo's KOTOR comics on Deviantart. So I guess this isn't really "canon" after all)
- DarthParametric fixed the model with Taina's Replacer
- I actually did do one thing: I replaced the party portrait with that hand-drawn pic


To install: unzip the files and copy them to your override folder
To uninstall: take 'em out again

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