List of all In-Game Cutscenes

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List of all In-Game cutscenes, not the movies.


This is a repost, original author on LucasForums Rtas Vadum. 

I wish I had known of this list prior to searching through each and every one of them for a specific scene....


Original link via web Archive.org.




STUNT_00 -PC dreaming in the Taris bed

STUNT_03a -Malak giving the order to destroy Taris

STUNT_06 -Malak giving the order to stay on the order to destroy Taris


Ebon Hawk

STUNT_07 -Sith Fighters are incoming (right after Taris, when you get the Ebon Hawk)

STUNT_16 -Ebon Hawk when it is getting tractored by the Levithan

STUNT_34 -when you arrive at the Star Forge

STUNT_35 -after the sith starfighter attack and you get caught in the gravity of the Unknown Planet

STUNT_42 -The Republic Admiral (and Vandar) and Carth speak about the Star Forge (light side version of the discussion after the Bastila insident)

STUNT_44 -The Republic Admir (and Vandar) and Bastila (and Revan) speak about the Star Forge (dark side version of the discussion after the Bastila insident)


Levithan STUNT_12 -Calo Nord is shown after the destruction of Taris

STUNT_14 -Calo Nord is reported dead by the PC's hand


Unknown Planet STUNT_18 -Malak is shown torturing Bastila, trying to turn her to the Dark Side

STUNT_31b -The cutscene showing that the pc IS Revan, taking off the Revan mask

STUNT_55a -Revan has returned to power and became the Dark Lord/Lady of the Sith again! (DS ending)

STUNT_57 -Revan has helped destroy the Star Forge and became a savior of the Republic (LS ending)


The Star Forge

STUNT_19 -Malak and an Imperial Officer speaking (where Malak's mouth piece is off)


Hammer Head Cruiser

These were the talks between Vandar and the Republic Admiral speaking with each other.


STUNT_50a -Where the "Republic breaks through" the Sith's blockade to the Star Forge

STUNT_51a -The report were Bastila is using her Battle Meditation against the Republic to make the Sith stronger

STUNT_54a -The Republic has falled and is being crushed, they are doomed

STUNT_56a -The report of the Star Forge getting destroyed, the Republic has won!


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