A few amazing Battlefront 2 mods that have just come out.

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In order to stick to the vein of Battlefront 2 discussions that have just sprung up, here are a few mods that were just released that make the game look and feel much better.




HarrisonFog's 2018 HD Graphics mod and Rezzed Maps


It adds much higher resolution textures (hence why he calls it "rezzed") and his 2018 Graphics mod complements it by adding extra levels of detail and brightens the skies significantly.


Currently he has released Hoth, Mustafar, Death Star Interior, Tatooine (Mos Eisley), Geonosis, Kamino, Coruscant, and Mygeeto


The Graphics mod is a Reshade Preset, so it will work on every map in the game.




Ultimate Sides Mod


First of all, this changes up some of the units so there are entirely new classes devoted to most existing classes and each complement eachother.


For example, the engineer no longer has to carry all of the healthkits, that role is taken over by an actual Support class which has their own regen buff. With the new units come a bunch of new weapons and abilities.


A big reason I also like this mod the most is that it greatly improves the blaster bolt sprites and makes firefights quite cinematic in dark spaces as it also causes them to cast a lot of ambient light.




If you want screenshots or videos of these mods ingame, there are a bunch on the Moddb site, and I frankly don't know if the authors would want me to repost them here. :D




I figured I'd mention these mods since it seems like most mods for Battlefront 2 (Original) are from 5 to 10 years ago, and it's good to see some new and better stuff still being developed for it.

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This is the one that I have seen that looks to be pretty good to me, sometime last year I got into modding BF2 as well and contacted CdtFox about porting KotoR maps into BF2, but I had some personal issues and ended up unable to get on my computer for the best part of a year, now that I have just done a load of work in porting the maps between kotor games I may look back into reconstructing them for BF2 as well, I still have all the tools and my old project files left on my hard drive.

It is definitely great to see that modding for BF2 is still alive and well, I think primarily because of how big a let down the new Battlefront games were.

I still have my modded version of BF2 which is over 10GBs with an incredible amount of new content, I also managed to get the alpha release of BF3, but that took a long time to find a legitimate file for.


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