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Holowan Duplisaber Fix

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File Name: Holowan Duplisaber Fix

File Submitter: JulieLakaye

File Submitted: 05 Jan 2018

File Category: Mods

TSLRCM Compatible: Yes



I really loved the Holowan Duplisaber mod by VarsityPuppet, it has an amazing choice of quality lightsaber hilts and blade colors from around the community and is a must have for TSL in my humble opinion!


The only (slight) issues were a couple of bugs that unfortunately escaped his attention in the original release...
Having some limited experience in Kotor modding, I took it upon myself to try and address these bugs myself, as a personnal challenge.


When I saw I managed to do just that, I contacted him on Deadly Stream to ask for his permission to release my modest fixes to his great work and he agreed!


So without further ado, here's what my fix well... fixes:


- When creating a new hilt, now removes a single crystal of the adequate color, instead of the whole stack if you have more than one.
- When creating a cerulean-colored saber, uses a cerulean color crystal instead of a blue one.
- Dark Jedi in the game were using green lightsabers. They now use more lore-friendly red ones.




You of course NEED to have the original mod installed!


After that, just paste the following files in your TSL Override folder: a_sbrconsole.ncs, g_w_drkjdisbr001.uti & g_w_drkjdisbr002.uti.
The a_sbrconsole.nss file in the Source folder is not needed, it is just included for reference.


That's it! Enjoy VarsityPuppet's amazing work!


VarsityPuppet's original Duplisaber mod:



Click here to download this file

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Hate to say it, but the only fix I've experienced is a change in the colour of the sith's lightsabers: from green to blue. Any ideas as to the cause?

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I managed to fix the sith sabers being blue bug by opening up g_w_drkjdisbr001.uti and g_w_drkjdisbr002.uti with KGFF and changing model variation from 1 to 2 for both. It's important you use KGFF instead of KOTOR tool since KOTOR tool's model variation field is bugged I think.

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