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I'm a long time fan of KOTOR and it's nice to see people alive that are as well. Thanks to the staff  and especially the community for keeping this place alive and well-maintained. Respect. 


Here is my original post:






I need help finding out where to throw the registry required to get KOTOR Tool working with the files. I used half of this method I found on Reddit (r/kotor): https://www.reddit.com/r/kotor/comments/4yvr4z/how_to_mod_your_android_kotor/


I believe the only problem left is getting it into the registry, especially for non-Steam. I've been cracking at this for a couple days and after error after error I'm stuck at what should be an easy fix.

As well, I think Kotor Tool is checking the Bioware folder where I also have SWTOR either\or the LucasArts folder I created within C:/, as I did not have one already. I've also seen plenty of topics giving the kotor.reg ​file to add KOTOR into the registry, which should make it work. I've even deleted settings.xml within the KOTOR Tool files, and uninstalled/reinstalled it as well. So far, no dice.


​If anyone could shed some light and help me out on figuring out how to change the kotor.reg ​to fit within this situation, I'd appreciate it. It's definitely possible.  I'm not sure what info you need so please let me know in a reply. Hopefully this post makes sense. 


​Edit: I got it working :D Credits to [member=Rece], I love your work man

Using Rece's MAC KOTOR Tool installation I was able to find the location:



Edit 2: Alright guys, new problem to ponder: 


​Now it's saying it cant find files, like say, models.bif, and they're there ( but .bzf?) Any ideas?



Edit 3: (Again?)


​Thanks in advance but I was able to fix this as well. :D


​At this point this is more of a journal than a help post. 



​I'm just gonna drop what I think will help anyone that was in my shoes:


To enable the use of more advanced mods that use TSLPatcher and to the extent I've gone, KT:



To get KT working (credits to @Rece), intended for Macs but the difference is minimal.




​.bif files are .bzf when ported from the phone, just rename the file extensions back(tedious but whatever).


​Also, you may need to uninstall and reinstall KT and\or delete settings.xml located within the KT directory.


​You may still encounter bugs and hiccups

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