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Final Level Changes

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Now, don't get me wrong, I like the last few levels of the game just fine. But after over TWENTY times (pathetic I know) it can get just a tad repetitive. So I figured why not a mod that HEAVILY changes the last couple levels in the game? Because I couldn't mod if my life depended on it, that's why. I was thinking somewhere along the lines of new areas, new dialogue (maybe even a new ending?) So here's just a list of things that I would do myself, but can't because I'm not a modder. Warning: Spoiliops Ahead


Unknown World Changes


-Add Hammerhead Wreck Entrance (around corner by Black Rakatan Tribe)

-Add Hammerhead Wreck Interior (basically a darker Endar Spire w/ UW Skyboxes)

-Add 1 of 2 Hyperdrive Parts in Hammerhead (second being by Freighter Wreck)

-Add Sith outside Temple

-Add dialogue option w/ Bastila where Revan explains how he's done with the Light and Dark Side and how Bastila can follow him/her as well. Bastila calls Revan weak, swears allegiance to Malak and flees.

-(Lightside Only) Add a part where Revan & his/her Party are captured by the Black Rakata and have a team of party members try to rescue him/her (something like the Goto captures Exile part in KOTOR 2)

-Change "Invisible Mandalorian" Quest to where they'll only spawn if you talk to Garn

-Change opening fight w/ Rakata by rusted engine

-Change Rancor health to make them a bit stronger

-Remove Duros survivors

-Remove Rancors by Elder Tribe

-Remove Plasma Vents


Star Forge Changes


-Add Health to Bastila in Command Center

-Add Health to Star Forge Battle Droids

-Add Battle Droids in Deck 2

-Change Malak killing Jedi scene as to where he's on the other side of the room and have a cutscene of Revan running after Malak while he kills the Jedi in the same fashion he does. They talk across the room and Malak activates the generators. While Revan is fighting, he casually walks out.

-Change Droid Generator part to where Revan can't disable them in the room and have him fight the droids for a while until it cuts to the party outside the Ebon Hawk w/ the Jedi waiting for Revan. Revan contacts T3 and tells him he and 2 party members of choice have to get to a Computer Console to shut down the factory. The player's party fights their way through an army of droids to the armor generating console and has to shut down the factory with 50 spikes (dropped via the droids).

-Change Malak meeting Revan scene in Factory where Malak is on top of the middle ramp looking down at Revan. They talk, Malak twirls his saber and he jumps at Revan.

-Change Malak's Health, Strength, Wisdom and Dexterity to make him an actual challenge.

-Change Malak fight where instead of having to get rid of the captive Jedi, Revan has to drain Malak's health bar multiple times and each time he does, a cutscene engages. The first is where Malak talks about how Revan continues to amaze him, calls him a fool and talks about how the Star Forge is alive. Instead of saying, "not when I can draw upon the power of all these Jedi" he just says "You cannot beat me Revan. Not here on the Star Forge". So a bit of voice splicing is required. He twirls his lightsaber and they fight again. The second time Revan drains Malak's health, Revan Force Pushes Malak and slashes his metal jaw off. Malak is enraged tells Revan he's tired of this game, uses Force Lightning and tells Revan that he has surpassed them and accomplished what they never could. He talks about how Revan is nothing and how he stand alone and They fight one more time. Malak falls, gives his dying speech and dies.


Misc. Changes


-If Revan told Bastila that there's no light or dark for him/her anymore, Bastila walks up to Revan in the Factory and Revan talks about how Malak was right about him/her standing alone. The screen fades to black, Revan remembers how Jolee told him that they have the choice as to where they'll take their destiny, Revan and Bastila run out the door and the Star Forge explodes. Instead of cutting to the Celebration on the Unknown World, it cuts to a brand new BIK Movie of Revan (hood and mask) and Bastila in a ship, they look at each other and jump to Hyperspace. Roll credits.


Now, I'm not expecting anyone to bow to my whim and make this real. I was just babbling about how I would've liked to have Kotor end. Not everything in here was original, as I had seen some of this in a fan film a couple years back. If anyone actually DOES try to make this happen, that would blow my mind. Still, as a wise hermit told me, you have the choice of which way to take your destiny.

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