[K1] Music overview (and warp code list)

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Since I was checking K1 for modules that reuse the same music even though they are different places, I created a spreadsheet that lists all of K1's modules and their corresponding Day, Night and Battle music. Day and Night is always the same (with one exception) and I think the game actually only uses Day anyway. All tracks are listed with their number corresponding to their row in ambientmusic.2da, their file name and the name given in the KotOR Soundtrack playlist linked below.


You should hopefully be able to sort the spreadsheet by any of the values. To do so, click in the column you want to sort by, press Ctrl+A to select everything and then in "Data" select "Sort by Column XX...".

That's all there is to it. I don't know if anyone will ever use this but since I made it, I figured I might as well shart it^^ At the very least you can use it to get warp codes :D


Here you go:


K1 music overview spreadsheet


Note that most of the STUNT modules do not have any ambient music assigned. That does not mean that no music plays in this scene. Instead the music is most likely started by the script that controls the cutscene.


While building this list, I also found some music pieces that are not used in any of the game's modules. However scripts could still play them anywhere in the game. If you happen to know where exactly, please let me know and I'll add the information. Those are the following tracks (once again with the name for the linked playlist):


1 mus_gui_start (The Old Republic Theme)
That's the theme played in the main menu.


7 mus_theme_carth (Captured by the Leviathan)

This one is played in the cutscene where the Ebon Hawk is captured in the Leviathan's tractor beam.


33 mus_bat_out (The Temple)


45 mus_bat_valsith (Uthar Wynn's Trials)


46 mus_bat_sforge (Star Forge Battle (Not quite sure here as I haven't checked the game file))


And finally, here's the playlist.



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Thanks so much for putting this together, is there any chance that you’d be willing to do something similar for KotOR II?

Maybe I’m just not hearing it, but as far as I can tell, it doesn’t appear that mus_theme_carth plays during the cutscene where the Ebon Hawk is caught by the Leviathan's tractor beam. I think that it’s simply an unused track.

Additionally, I think that mus_bat_out and mus_bat_valsith might be unused as well. Based on their filenames they were probably originally meant to be the battle themes for Dantooine and Korriban respectively at one point in development.

The Dantooine battle theme used in the final game is mus_bat_acad which would seem to indicate that it was originally meant for the Jedi enclave. If I recall correctly, there are no battles within the Jedi enclave so perhaps that’s why it ended up being used as the Dantooine battle theme instead of mus_bat_out. As for Korriban, the battle theme used in the final game is mus_bat_sithbs which is the standard Sith battle theme rather than a unique one specific to Korriban.

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