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M4-78 Enhancement Project impressions (for version 1.5)

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It's a brand new Impressions thread for the most current version number of M4-78 Enhancement Project!


On 12/28/2012 at 10:26 AM, Hassat Hunter said:

And instead of having such threads all over the board, how about centering it... here. Nice and tidy!


I sound like IS-43. tongue.gif

We want to know what you think about the new version of the mod. So once you've played a complete game using the most current version of TSLRCM with the M4-78 Enhancement Project all the way to the end credits, please stop back here and leave some feedback. Details are important so we certainly hope you'll provide with some in depth feedback.


A note on spoilers:


It is important for spoilers to actually have spoiler tags. Here are easy instructions how to do so.


- Start with "[spoiler@]" without the quotes and the @ symbol.

- Enter the portion of your message that needs spoiler tags.

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A reminder:

Update 19FEB2019: Impressions should only be left here for the current version. (That's version 1.5.)  As only this initial post was changed so far, you may see references to earlier versions in this Impressions thread.  Would you kindly . . . indicated that you're using the most current version (currently 1.5) from this point forward by mentioning it in your post from now on?  Much obliged!


If you wish to report an actual bug or error instead of a more general comment on the mod, please do so in the Bug / Error thread right here.

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Updated title to now reference 1.5, rather than previous version 1.3

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I have completed planet M4-78 (mostly) and I must say, it's a really nice addition. It was far longer than I suspected it would be. High quality, robotic voices really added to the overall immersion. This mod has successfully reminded me how Star Wars droids have their own personalities and such. 



The entire plot, intrigues, and secrets of this planet were really interesting. Uncovering the truth of what really happened there was shocking a bit. I wouldn't think that an AI would need any organics to operate properly. M4-78 was doing just fine for over 50 years, so why did he suddenly *feel* he needs some other organics taking control? All those droids really needed was a regular memory wipe and it would be fine :D


I am also surprised that Vash and her padawan were actually willing to just gas the sh*t out of those Sith soldiers. It was straight up murder. Did she have no remorse when they were killed like that? It's not the Jedi way after all. Seems like they were either desperate or both fallen to the Dark Side. It's different case when destroying a Sith Lord and his twisted puppets and another killing just soldiers following orders, but I guess that's not the place for such disputes :D


When the cavalry arrived at Telos during the Sith attack, it was a really pleasant surprise. I did not suspect droid army backup there. There was quite a lot of them, enough to take over and finish clearing up the rest of the station.


Unfortunately, I was unable to complete "Fixing Droids" quest, because apparently, after reactivating M4-78 there remained only DS option that would allow me to get the droid leg. In my opinion, it should be fixed somehow, because destroying that mover droid is taking big, fat chunk of LS points. Honestly, maintenance droid should have this leg from somewhere, or perhaps those manufacturing droids. How are there no spare parts on the planet occupied exclusively by droids, this I don't understand.


The second quest that I was unable to complete was "Manufacturing droid - Missing". Even though I have found him and talked to him - allowed him to check the data he found - it did not complete the quest for me. Or was that not the droid I was looking for? :D


Anyway, too bad Vash was killed anyway, and so was her Padawan. Who the hell killed him anyway? I was running around after he was gassed to find the answer, but I didn't find any clue. Was it M4-78 again? It wouldn't make any sense since he got memory wipe, and archons were pretty cooperative. Who else would have the authority to do this? What a mystery.


Overall I really enjoyed this mod. I was worried at first if it would be short and boring, but it turned out really interesting. Final droid boss was pretty tough I must say. But since I was a good Jedi I was able to spam healing when needed. Also, this planet is a nice workaround for the Telos fuel quest. Although it denied me the chance of getting the achievement for convincing Vogga to spare the fuel.



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I've played previous versions of M4-78 and, while I did not notice many changes with 1.3, several of the quests seemed clearer to follow (although that might just be because I know where to go and what to do).


The one thing I definitely noticed was the industrial zone loading area was better.  Far less lag when opening the boxes and moving the escort droid out of the corner is good.


I had no issues with the mod (apart from the weapons mod one I reported in the bug thread) and can't really suggest any changes or improvements.  Great mod, good quality and really enhances the game.

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Hi, I have a question, I've have heard in Reddit that the M4-78EP mod is not compatible with the Extended Jedi Enclave mod. Is this true?

No.  :D 

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