[K1R] Post-Taris Swoop Race save

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Some people have problems finishing the Taris Swoop Race, which means their story progression is blocked.


Existing game saves are pre-K1R v1.2, though.


So hereby I attach my Quicksave at the exact point after winning the Taris Swoop Race and just before the brawl against Brejik started.


NOTE: I'm playing a Male Scout here, and I have a bunch of mods installed (listed in the spoiler). Most shouldn't affect the gameplay directly at this point, I think. Except "Feat Progression" which had fired several times.




  • NPC Overhaul
  • PC Response Moderation
  • K1R
  • K1 Prequel Robes
  • Bastila's Black Undies
  • HQ Bastila
  • Korriban Academy Workbench
  • MedHypo
  • No Random Fighter Battles
  • Subtler Lightsaber Blades
  • Ebon Hawk Camera
  • Green Grass Dantooine
  • High Quality Skyboxes
  • High Quality Skyboxes for Green Grass Dantooine
  • High Quality Blasters
  • Feat Progression
  • Force Powers Gain
  • Female Mandalorians
  • Ajunta Pall Swords
  • Health Regeneration
  • Helena - Bastila's Mother Changes
  • Hide Weapons in Cutscenes
  • Juhani Catlike Head
  • Project Bastila
  • Remove Force Restrictions by Armor (RFRA)
  • Robes for Korriban Sith Students
  • Ultimate Sound Mod
  • Walking Animation Fix




Right after winning Taris Swoop.7z

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