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Hello Fair Strides!

First of all, thank you for creating this toolset. It feels weird the first message in the Forum is mine, considering you released this nifty software months ago now.


Said that, I finally got around to install it. Your FAQ (it's for newbies) sold it to me right away... :D


I just wanted to report that I get a warning in the command window about missing tkIcons (I do not even know what they are).


This is the exact error message:


"WARNING: can not find tkIcons. Your installation of TK::ToolBar is broken. No icons will be loaded


at script/ line 11619."


Is it something I should not concern myself with?


I also wanted to report that for me the toolset never finishes loading a module and as it loads the command windows keep spewing errors. I have attached a screenshot to demonstrate:




Thanks for the attention!

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I really should get back and upload the "current' version of this... I've been wanting to get a few more features in before I actually update it.


For now, try this (the tkicons thing is because of an add-on thing I use without packing the icons, which I'm not using):

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Thanks, Fair Strides!


I will see if this new version does indeed complete the loading of the level so that I can start familiarizing myself with it! ;)

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Something else to note is the title of the Toolset's main window. If it says KotOR 1 and you're loading a KotOR 2 level, you need to close the level or whatever, and then go to the menu bar at the top.


View->Mode->KotOR 2


Wait a moment for things to switch over, and then try loading the level again. Vice-versa for KotOR 1 levels.

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Today when I tried to use, after a long time and on a new OS (W10) the latest version of the Toolset (but I tried with the one in the official download section), I got an error message:

"The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000142). Click OK to close the application."

Anyone else is experiencing something like that?

UPDATE: It was a local problem - a conflict with some running application.

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