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MOD:Remove Restrictions for Force Powers by Armors

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Remove Restrictions for Force Powers by Armors

Who likes Kotor more than TSL? Loads of people prefer K1 to K2 with the argument that the story s better. However, as K2 is getting a major rehauling by DStoney, Zbyl2, VarsityPuppet, Hassat Hunter... well K2 has gotten a lot of attention. This is mostly why MrPhil did this mod for K2. However, someone asked him that the mod might be done for K1.


So here s what you have today: a mod that aims to bring to you the true power of the force... This is no force unleashed and does not add any force powers to your game, but take a second to remember a detail in the game: whenever you d put an armor (medium/heavy), you would not be able to use force powers. As this goes against the canonicity of the Force, MrPhil decided to set things right. This mod has not been tested and the author would love to get constructive criticism. Please do not post if your sole goal is to comment about the mod unbalancing the game, unless you think there might be a better way to do so...


Last and not least: this mod's secondary objective is to remove the restriction even when you install a mod that adds force powers to the game. Just make sure that you install this one after and it should work.


NB: that's the same "review" I gave to kfiles, hence why I am speaking of myself at the 3rd person. So no, my ego hasn't grown... :P

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Anyone can edit the title of this thread to "Remove Restrictions to Force Powers by Armors for K1"?


Here are some screenshots I did to promote the mod :question:




I'll try to upload them to the file part of the website too :P


Tried to upload the mod to filesfront too. Maybe they won't refuse-it this time :P

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