Steam, M4-78 and my rather large modlist

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So I've just completed my playthrough of KOTOR 2 with the TSLRCM mod via the fantastic new Steam Update!


During my time playing, I have managed to accumulate a rather large mod list.


My question I propose to your fine selves: do I install M4-78 via Steam workshop and if so, do I point all my other mods to the TSLRCM or M4-78 folders? I'm told it is a little ill advised to install lots of mods through Workshop at the minute.


Or, should I stick to installing M4-78 using the .exe file?

Will this cause issues with mods like Handmaidens 4 Females etc.


If you want to see my modlist, I've written a doc of the mods in the order *I have so far* had success with. But then, what do I know?

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I'll do that, but I'll have to go back and grab the links!

So far, I've installed M4-78, Extended Enclave, Azgath N'Dul's Tomb, Handmaiden 4 Females and Jedi Temple - Coursant.

These have all gone into the TSLRCM workshop folder.


I had one issue with Azgath N'Dul's Tomb not finding the lips/localisation.mod (which I solved by copying the localisation.mod file from the base games folder into the /lips/ folder. Please tell me if that's incorrect procedure, I'm unsure if, when launching KOTOR 2 via Steam that the workshop will pick that file up).


And now I've had an issue installing Jedi Temple so I've gone no further.

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What you did with Azgath N'Dul's Tomb should work.


The errors thrown by the Jedi Temple installations are caused by conflicts with M4-78 EP. What you need is this compability patch. The order of installation is M4-78, then Jedi Temple (ignoring the errors) and then the compability patch. But read the patch Read-Me to make sure you do everything right :)

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