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Download:Mekel Recruitment Mod (English & German)

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File Name: Mekel Recruitment Mod (English & German)

File Submitter: Tanesh

File Submitted: 27 Sep 2015

File Category: Mods

K1R Compatible: No



With this mod, you can replace Zaalbar with the Sith student Mekel on Korriban


* the earliest point to recruit Mekel is in the Tomb of Tulak Hord
* if you can't or don't want to recruit him right then, you can ask him to meet you later
* Zaalbar's personal quest must be completed before Mekel can join the group; however, he will wait for you at a meeting-place on Korriban until you have finished everything
* new Journal Entries!
* new Dialog!
* new Banter!
* modified dialogs (if Mekel is in your party, he won't sound like Zaalbar)
* new items (three quite powerful lightsabers and a robe; it depends on your behaviour how much items you will get from Mekel)
* source scripts included


See readme file for installing instructions.


This mod is available in English ( and German (


I've also included the patch for cjt0202's Carth Romance Fix (also available in English and German).


I've never used K1R so I actually don't know if this mod is compatible with it. So just to be safe, I say no, until it's confirmed otherwise by someone.


Thanks to milestails who asked me these days to upload this old mod of mine. I wasn't aware someone could be still interested in it. Because of his nice e-mail I decided to upload all my mods here, in both language versions, so they can be enjoyed for some more years to come. :D



Click here to download this file

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