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Jorak Uln

Download:SITH BASE Complete Overhaul (Taris & Manaan)

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File Name: SITH BASE Complete Overhaul (Taris & Manaan)

File Submitter: Jorak Uln

File Submitted: 15 Jul 2015

File Category: Skins

K1R Compatible: Yes



This is the next part of an ongoing series.

The purpose of this mod is to bring the much more up-to-date design choices from SWTOR to Kotor. All textures have been made from scratch.

The Overhaul also contains sophisticated Mass Effect 3 orientated high Quality animations.


Update 3.0 out now! Safe to upgrade from 1.0 - and for those who downloaded 1.0 i highly recommend to get 3.0 since the difference is huge.


This is a huge one - to catch the flair of SWTOR all animations have been redone from scratch again - the floor now contains cubemap based reflections & scratches.

Further a new kolto animation & a HQ metalic tech texture have been implemented.



1.FIRST, drag Part1 and Part2 into TSL\Override folder.


2.THEN, install the Parts 3 - 9 via XnView into TSL\Override as shown in HowtoInstall.rar.






(to update from 1.0 to 3.0 simply do the installation process again and overwrite everything)



This mod uses cubemaps, so there could be minor incompatibilites with mods that uses custom cubemaps too. ( but i actually dont know any mod that does that)

Just to be on the safe side, i recommend to install my mod last.

Beside that it should be compatible with everything that doesnt retexture the Sith Bases either at Taris or Manaan.



I want to thank Darth Sapiens for his wonderful Cubemap-Ressource pack, which enabled me to do a lot of things that would otherwise been not possible.

I also want to thank Xarwarz for using the hex edited mdl & mdx files from his Overhaul. That allowed me more variety on my panel retextures.



Click here to download this file

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Great, yet another mod series that's going to delay my KOTOR playthrough until its completion. Seriously though, massive props to you for this.

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