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SKIN:Luxa Hair Fix

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Luxa Hair Fix

This mod will fix the character Luxa so that her hair model is uvw mapped properly. The default model is rather piecemeal and chaotic, so that her hair doesn't look like it flows naturally. The N_Lala_XuH.tga texture that is included, has only an additional area for the tongue, and some more detail added to the blurriest part of the hair (along the right edge of the tga).


As a bonus, this mod can adjust her body model, so that her figure is much more shapely. There are two options included: Option 1 has an unnaturally thin waist (which seems more believable IMO for an alien Zeltron female). Option 2 is not quite exaggerated as the first (this is the model I use for female Twi'lek underwear in the Revenge of Revan mod). The texture has been tweaked slightly, so that her skin has more detail, the color matches her face a bit better, and the black leather doesn't look as green as the original.


There is a bonus alternate texture, which swaps out the leotard shorts for laced up bikini bottoms, and a backless top.

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