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SKIN:Juhani Catlike Head Mod

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Juhani Catlike Head Mod

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Quanon, RedRob41, jonathan7 production
Description: This mod changes Juhani the Cathar to have a more cat like face. The head model has been modified to give her mouth, nose and ears a more pleasing shape. There are seven different skin color variations, including standard yellow (similar to her default look), Siberian white tiger (based on idea by Redhawke), cheetah, lioness, tigress, black panther, and a blue one similar to (but more cat-like than) a Na'vi from the movie Avatar. This mod will change her face, underwear (it's really just fur), normal clothes, second set of clothes, and all icons and portraits.
This mod also includes two new double bladed lightsabers and two sets of clothes for Juhani. The clothing (Juhani's Predatory Stealth Mesh) can only be worn by Juhani, since it requires Force Camouflage feat. The other clothing (Juhani's Light Armor) is just a uti file that adds some stats, but they will look the same as her basic clothes.
- the idea:
- cheetah and lioness face textures
- w_dblsbr_063 & w_dblsbr_064 models, textures, icons, uti
- P_JuhaniBB63.tga (clothing areas) & uti
- P_JuhaniH head model, textures (yellow, Siberian [inspired by Redhawke], Na'vi blue, Tigress, Panther)
- fixes for cheetah and lioness textures face, neck & hairline to match uvw map seams
- portraits: PO_pjuhani, PO_pjuhani2 & po_pjuhani3
- P_JuhaniBA01 fur underwear textures (all seven)
- P_JuhaniBB body model (slight edit on back flap), BB01.tga textures (all seven)
- P_JuhaniBB63.tga (skin and fishnet areas)
- ia_cloths_063 & 62 icon textures
- w_dblsbr_063 & w_dblsbr_064 uvw map fixes, compact (re-pack) the textures
- TSLPatcher setup
Thanks to Zhaboka for grammar tips on the item descriptions.

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Have a weird little issue with this that makes Juhani naked when you meet her, not sure if that's intended or not. Did also manually install the patch for Dark Robe, which works fine and is correct.


Also had a little issue of her consuming clothing (Bastila) from another mod but not sure if that was a Juhani issue or just weirdness to that mod. I'll be testing that later, though I can say that everything seemed to be in her luggage.

Just weirdly naked in the grove and the clothing issue, although she didn't consume a normal clothing I put on her so not sure.

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Love this mod, but has anyone had the light sabers for her be invisible? If so, how would I fix this? Thanks!

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Ran into a problem with installation right out the gate.

Quoth the instructions: "1) Please copy the common mdl & mdx and g_a_clothes63.uti into the override directory (folder 0 Common Models). "

There's no g_a_clothes63.uti in the folder in question. There's a g_a_clothes63.uti in the tslpatchdata folder, but is it the same one the instructions are wanting? Or are the instructions actually supposed to be talking about the PO_pjuhani2.tga file in the Common Models folder?

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