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Horizon Zero Dawn Modding

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I recently learned that part of texturing for Horizon Zero Dawn is similar to Skyrim in the filetype, DDS.

I am researching how to create retextures in this game, with hopes of creating new clothing or altered clothing.

Horizon Zero Dawn - Wikipedia has a thread on Horizon Zero Dawn modding that I posted in.

Page 25 - Horizon Zero Dawn Retexture Research



Texture Explorer Program:
^ This link will give Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 Community Edition. It will allow you to access the HzD Texture Explorer Below.

HzDTextureExplorer. Texture Explorer for Horizon Zero Dawn files. Can view Textures in a HzD core file, export as dds, and reimport dds. Uses Pfim and ImageSharp. Features. Open HzD core files containing textures and preview them. You can also drop a core file on the program to open it; Export textures to dds



Graphics Program:

GIMP 2.10.22 , a Linux Graphic Editing Program cross-compatible with Windows all versions:

^ With this, you can edit the textures. Leave the .dds files uncompressed when exporting.


Edit: I need some help with researching this. Disclaimer - It's a 78gb game. BUT I will make skins for it if I can figure out the way to do so. :)


To import/export textures from Horizon Zero Dawn, you can use the HZDMeshTool. This is a Blender addon that allows you to import and export textures from Horizon Zero Dawn's .core format  .
Here are the steps to install and use the tool:
- Download the HZDMeshTool from GitHub.
- In Blender, open the User Preferences and go to the Add-ons tab.
- Click on Install and select the file.
- Enable the addon.
- Go to the Scene Properties tab.
- As of version 1.3, you can extract textures from the game files by enabling the Extract Texture checkbox in the tool . If enabled, the tool will extract every texture used by the imported mesh part to the Workspace directory. You can click the checkered icon next to the mesh import button to see the textures used .

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