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  1. This is a bug in the game engine itself, not TSLRCM. It most often manifests itself if the Exile's attributes are cheated to sky high levels, like what I tend to do. There is an influence mod available which will help minimize the presence of the bug. Adding the dark side transitions mod will also help, since its transitions follow a canon progression as seen in Episode III. Translation via Google Translate: Jest to błąd w silniku gry, nie TSLRCM. To najczęściej przejawia się, jeśli atrybuty wygnania są oszukiwani na niebie wysokim poziomie, jak to, co staram się robić. Nie ma wpływu mod dostępne które pomogą zminimalizować obecność błędu. Dodawanie ciemne przejścia boczne mod pomogą, ponieważ jego przejścia śledzić postęp kanoniczne, jak widać w Epizodzie III.
  2. I use HK's Assassin Rifle (found in the factory) with Pinpoint Scope IV, Mandalorian Chamber III, and a Pure Rylith Power Cell. Naturally, given how many times I've played through the game, I'm cheating his weapons, but not boosting his stats (boosting stats is reserved for the Exile only). However this combination when coupled with a CERS in the head slot I believe is a lot more effective than ion. His rifle with these upgrades only does 6-47, but 1-10 of that damage is totally unstoppable. It has a +6 to hit and a critical threat range of 15-20, doing double damage on a critical, plus a 50% chance of slowing the target. On average, he does 26 points of damage. With a CERS installed, he gets three attacks per round. Assuming they all hit, that's an average of 78 points of damage in a single round. That doesn't include getting any criticals. Being able to make an extra attack is always better, simply because you can pump out more damage that way, even if attacks such as sniper shot have their own special features.
  3. A quick look on the Steam forums shows that there are options, ranging from opening Steam's config.vdf file and editing it, to opening the Steam console and making the changes there. Check this thread on the Steam forums for details.
  4. Handmaiden Underwear for Females perhaps?
  5. Keep in mind though that if you're playing a Light Exile, you must complete the Factory if you want Malachor V to be destroyed.
  6. You might want to use that template to report your problem. The problem though appears to be one of your added mods not being compatible. If the two mods you mentioned are indeed your only mods installed, then the chances are very high the robe mod is the source of the problem.
  7. Successful completion of the HK Factory no longer requires the datapad. So, not a bug.
  8. She walks into the room before the two of you make force sight googly eyes at each other? Unless of course it's the fact she's in her underwear.
  9. Answer the questions therein. It's the only way you'll get help.
  10. Large droid-like character? Clarify what you mean here, because if this matches the description I seem to have in my head, somehow the textures you are using weren't installed.
  11. Well I wasn't quite grasping what you were getting at. You know, you have to sometimes brain me with a book. All comedy aside, quite honestly, this is an odd discussion simply because we're talking d20 System here instead of a place like or This is something that I don't think has ever come up, and while it may be possible, I have a feeling most people don't realize that KotOR and KotOR II use a modified version of the d20 System, and don't really look too deeply into the numbers to begin with. On a side note, Star Wars Saga Edition — the last version of the rules published by WotC — gives all two-handed weapons a damage bonus of 2x STR, regardless of whether the weapon is as simple as a two-handed sword, or as complex as a double-bladed lightsaber.
  12. A double weapon such as a lightsaber has a damage bonus of 1x STR for the first attack and 0.5x STR for the second: see page 134 of the Revised Core Rulebook, under the Double-bladed Lightsaber entry, for particulars. The same setup should apply to all double weapons. A character with a +2 STR mod and wielding a double weapon should have a bonus of +2/+1, not +3/+2. If I understand what you're looking for, you want to give double weapons the 1.5x STR bonus two-handed weapons get? For example, +3/+3 instead of +2/+1? As to changing it via script, it may be possible to do. I know the Influence Bug Fix I use replaces the existing influence script with a custom model that isn't so broken. But asking me how to do it is not something I can tell you.
  13. The Telos Military Base Sub-level is the HK Factory, and cannot be accessed until later on in game, assuming you've triggered the correct dialogue options in talking to HK-47.
  14. The game engine for KotOR and KotOR II is based off Wizards of the Coast's Star Wars Roleplaying Game, which uses the d20 System. In the d20 System, attribute bonuses start at -5 for an attribute of 1, up to 0 for scores of 10-11, with a +1 bonus at 12-13, +2 at 14-15, etc. The strength bonus applies to attack rolls and damage rolls, so that a character with strength 16 would have a +3 on his "to hit" roll and a +3 bonus on any damage done with a melee weapon. Using two weapons without the feat in KotOR/KotOR II impose a -6 penalty to attacks made with the "on" hand and a -10 penalty to attacks with the the "off" hand. If the weapon in the "off" hand is balanced, the penalty is reduced to -6/-8. Using a double weapon without the feat imposes a penalty of -6/-8. The Two-weapon feat in KotOR/KotOR II reduces the attack penalty for each hand by 2. Thus, with the "plain" feat, the penalties for two weapons are -4/-8, -4/-6 if the "off" hand weapon is balanced, and -4/-6 for a double weapon. The improved feat reduces the penalties to -2/-6, -2/-4, and -2/-4. The Master feat would reduce the penalty to -0/-4, -0/-2, and -0/-2. The preceding was to explain how the system is supposed to work. To the best of my knowledge, changing how the attribute bonuses or feats work is simply not possible as it would require rewriting of the game engine. It should be possible to add bonuses to each weapon, but to do that would require you to extract every single weapon from the game files, edit each and every one of them in KotOR Tool, then save them all to your override directory.
  15. It looks like you uploaded your Vampire: The Masquerade skins to the site instead of the Ebon Hawk textures. I had to go to your website to get the correct file.