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  1. I haven't played K2 in... a very long time, but after getting burnt out on TOR (Grinding achievements before an expansion release will do that), I went back and replayed both KotOR games. I forgot how much I love the entire Old Republic era... Now, I kinda want to start writing fan fiction again, which I did from 6th to 9th grade. Until a "Fan Fic reviewer" who reviewed KotOR fics pretty much shredded the first fic I posted. That didn't help my already shaky self-confidence when it came to fanfic writing

    One thing however, I don't get why some think M4-78 doesn't work with the Kotor 2 Subreddit mod build, I had no issues when I was playing with both the mod build and M4-78 (Apart from things that were already missing in the 1.5 release of M4-78)...


    1. DarthParametric



      I don't get why some think M4-78 doesn't work with the Kotor 2 Subreddit mod build

      It's not that it doesn't work (aside from people that continue to use Workshop mods), it's that it's terrible.