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  1. Well reinstalled using mod sync and was able to load into the garage. Yay. Hopefully reinstalling and then running the save game doesn't cause any issues but I don't think it should since I had I think most of the same mods installed previously.
  2. That's a pretty awesome looking tool. Thanks for the head's up about it. I somehow installed the Kotor 2 mod build without any issues despite the huge list of mods I installed, but it's entirely possible I made some mistakes with this mod build given how many mods I installed with it. So having a tool to automate that and ensure I'm not messing up is honestly a lifesaver to think about. Very excited to try it.
  3. Hi, Thor. I suppose it's possible I missed an instruction but I don't know. I'm reasonably sure that I installed things in the correct order. The engine lab bench mod was just installed using the TSL installer so there wasn't any way for me to have copied the wrong files over or something like that. And the mod had no special instructions that I saw. Maybe that mod is not the culprit and it's something else I idea. I didn't have any crashing issues in Kotor2 despite installing a similarly long build order for that so unless I got sloppy this time Idk. I wasn't aware about the Kotor mod sync. The manual install does take me quite a while to sort through and do properly lol. I'll check that out and try a fresh install with it and see if that fixes things.
  4. Hi all. I installed the kotor1 spoiler mod build from reddit. It has been working great so far but I unfortunately seem to have encountered a game breaking issue. When I go into the elevator that takes you to the vulkar garage I crash to desktop every single time. I'm not sure what's causing the issue. If it's mod related I suppose it might be the vulkar work bench mod from that mod build that could be doing it. That mod was installed via the Tsl patcher and I don't see an Uninstall option for it. I tried turning off frame buffer effects but that did not resolve the issue. I could try Uninstalling and reinstalling but without the vulkar garage mod and see if that fixes it. I'm hesitant to do that though because installing all those mods took hours to do. Would be rough to have to do it again. Also not even 100 percent positive that mod is the culprit though I suspect it is given I haven't had crashes anywhere else so far.
  5. I'm having an issue with crashing whenever I enter the elevator to the Vulkar garage. Is there any way to uninstall this mod to see if it might be the culprit? My game basically loads almost all the way then crashes to desk top every time when entering the garage part of the base :(.
  6. Well, I feel very stupid right now. I had previously checked my device manager to see if any other devices were showing up there that shouldn't have been. Everything looked fine to me so I moved on. I have a joystick on my desk that I thought was not plugged in as I have not played any games that use joysticks for a long time, so for the hell of it, I checked behind my pc Of frickin' course it was plugged in. I unplugged it. Problem seems to be gone for now. I think the joystick was flagged as something generic like "USB Input Device" or "HID Compliant Device" in my device manager, so I assumed it was just a driver for something else. I'm still very confused why this problem only occurred after cutscenes and I otherwise had no issues (would have thought the joystick would have interfered all the time), but I am willing to let that mystery lie for now lol. Thanks for the help guys. This should make future playthroughs a lot smoother for me.
  7. Nah you're fine I can see why the way I worded it would imply that. I've tried positioning the mouse different ways before cutscenes but it doesn't seem to make a difference. I don't have multiple monitors setup. I have tried the game in both windowed mode and full screen in case that resolved the issue but neither made a difference. I also don't have any joysticks or controllers plugged in and have checked my managed devices to make sure nothing else is showing up there. When the issue occurs nothing will fix it except for quitting and relaunching the game. Reloading won't fix it, nor will alt tabbing out/into the game or swapping to windowed mode/full screen. And it always occurs - always - after a cutscene. The only other thing I could think of trying that I have not tried is disabling my Razer mouse software and just using the windows drivers and seeing if that changes anything. Maybe kotor 2 hates externally managed mouse software. I'd hate to have to do that every time I play though, and I guess I'd need to test it first to see if that even helps. edit: tried quitting out of my Razer desktop managing software just to see if that made a difference but it did not. Same issue as before. Weird.
  8. Well sorry I don't mean to imply that the mod build caused the issue. I think it's a kotor 2 issue somehow. It sounds like based on my googling that other users have encountered this issue and I don't think all of them were using modded builds. Unfortunately I haven't been able to track down a permanent fix that works for me. What's weird is saving and relaunching the game fixes it. So it's still playable with it, but obviously that gets annoying after a time.
  9. So I installed and played through Kotor2 using the spoiler mod build listed on this site: Anyhow, it worked great for the most part except for one very irritating issue and that is that after some cutscenes would play my mouse would get stuck spinning my character in circles. I could fix it by saving, quitting, and reloading the game, but it was rather annoying to have this issue happen whenever I traveled to a new planet or saw a cutscene. I did some googling around on it but never found a true fix for it that worked for me. I don't have the vjoy component in my pc that some claim is the culprit. I'm curious if anybody else encountered this issue and if so were you able to fix it? I want to do another run of kotor2 and I'd love it if I could solve this issue. It doesn't kill the game for me but it is annoying lol.