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  1. Yeah, my idea would certainly not work the way I thought. I mean if you can't do it, it should be perfectly clear that it is beyond my skills. I am curious though, so I will ask in the forum. I don't feel comfortable asking anyone to do it over your mod, as it is your work. So if I can learn the way and manage to do it myself, that's great. If not, oh well... this is still my favorite male exile head I will use in the future.
  2. Ah, yes. I forgot about the issue of symmetrical sides of KOTOR faces. I wouldn't be repurposing these heads as I like yours the best. However, what occurred to me is if it's possible to take that small part that goes over the symmetrical bit from Azkul's face and try and place it on top of this one. It probably won't work and will be way beyond my skills, but I'm willing to give it a try.
  3. My favorite head for the exile by far! However, can you recommend the best way/program to add a scar to the face? Being a war veteran I think it fits the character well. I am aiming to achieve something like Azkul's scar (without the blind eye): Any advise would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!