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  1. I appreciate you taking the time to respond. I wonder why my second install of TSLRCM worked just following the original instructions in this page but with your script it broke during Telos. I'm currently running an install with a lot of redundancy (files in both the localized and root directories) just to cover all my bases. So far so good. As for the textures, are you sure they're in .tpc format? According to jacqylfrost those always seem to load.
  2. I've been testing a playthrough with just TSLRCM and I've run into a bug: there are no hooded handmaidens in the polar academy and I can't leave via the ebon hawk. Oh my, I wonder if these issues are affecting me now. My script was based entirely off of yours. I will await your update. EDIT: After manually moving folders as per original instructions in this page and without using the script, everything appears to be working.
  3. I haven't slept at all and it's 6 am here but I do believe I have solved the issues I mentioned. I compared the dialog.tlk for the PC and Switch versions of KOTOR 2, output the difference (favoring the switch), which left me with all the instances of altered button prompts made specifically for the switch, as well as some other interface text elements. Then I made a script to look at that output and the TSLRCM dialog.tlk, updating any strings with the same id to the switch iterations, and inserting any strings with entirely new ids as well. A preliminary test shows promise, but after I complete a full playthrough I will post everything and credit both dMATOovoxq and jacqylfrost. For now I need sleep.
  4. I appreciate you taking the time to respond. I've gotten it to work and even made my own script based off of the one posted. Currently trying to figure out why this breaks some tooltips/button prompts, I suspect it's because TSLRCM does not edit but outright replaces it, and now a bunch of popup windows ingame reference PC controls instead. If/when I figure that out, I will share it here.
  5. Apologies for bumping this, but could anyone help me making use of dMATOovoxq's "KotOR II Switch Modding Framework"? My understanding is the scripts were made for linux/mac. Did jacqylfrost ever tweak his implementation with this new info? Thanks in advance.