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  1. AI model as in a artificially generated voice? I hadn't thought about that. I know of some softwares like Resemble AI that can do really cool things. I'm not really interested in a romance mod, moreso a mod to turn her into a jedi, and add new dialogue for dark siders who choose to kill her. I know someone has already made a Jedi Mission mod, i'm half hoping that individual or someone else with more modding experience would want to make it using fresh sounding voice lines. Really I just collected them for fun one day and thought it would be cool to post it here as a resource -kk
  2. I did look through the voices lines for TOR but i felt like her voice sounded more seductive and too different from Mission
  3. Hello KotOR Modding community, I want to share with you some cool voice lines that maybe could be used in a mod? They are Catherine Taber, (the same voice actress as Mission Vao from KotOR 1), pulled from her portrayal of Padme on The Clone Wars animated tv show. Here are a few for you to sample, I have more if you are looking to make a mod. If All Youre Gonna Do Is Make Fun Of Me I Think You Should Go.mp3 Yes Im Sure.mp3 What's Done Is Done.mp3 I Learned It From You.mp3
  4. Jett Darklighter, i think was his name. I was a little kid lol. i sound very different now lol
  5. I used to make mods for KotOR 2 when i was younger, I did voice overs for NewbieModders Korriban Mod. Now I have a desktop setup with a nice mic and audio editing software. So If you need any voices, I'd be happy to help you! And I'm very passionate about KotOR, and about this project! I've kept my eye on it all these years, amazed at what you had already created and always wishing you well and wishing you had a good team of experienced modders to help you realize this vision. ❤️ - KK