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  1. Larger Text Fonts for KOTOR

    WARNING: 11/29/22 - It appears that the "big" font size category is causing crashes for people attempting to open certain lockboxes in the Taris Undercity. Other sizes, such as "verybig", are unaffected. I will be working to recreate and fix this issue over the weekend. For now, I recommend players either choose a size that isn't "big" or uninstall this mod until the issue is resolved. Sorry for any inconvenience!
    Have you tried playing KOTOR 1 at high resolution? Then you may have noticed the text does not scale properly. As a result, text can look  embarassingly small.
    Fortunately, this mod contains an assortment of font files that the game can use. They are organized by various sizes with the 3 kinds of text the game uses; they are also interchangeable!
    Using these files should give players an easier time when playing in high resolutions, customizable to everyone's needs. Hopefully everyone who wishes to play KOTOR 1 in high resolution will have a more enjoyable experience, and that one of the more common problems facing the community has been properly addressed.
    The attached file is a compressed archive that contains a ReadMe file, and a folder containing each set of fonts.
    The ReadMe contains an important explanation of what each font folder is, and instructions as to how to properly install the mod.
    Improper installation could lead to very unreadable text!
    You will NOT be able to see small numbers, the count of grenades for example, via the HUD. This is a problem with the game itself & how it handles larger text inside smaller HUD elements; I am unable to fix this. The game is simply too old and we don't have access to its source code (yet).
    This mod is NOT compatible with KOTOR 2 TSL. This mod only exclusively works with KOTOR 1. If you are using the Steam or Mobile versions of KOTOR 2, you shouldn't be experiencing this problem anyways.
    As far as I know, there are no compatibility issues with other mods. However, if you come across any problems or something not working as intended, please let me know here or via my Discord: Xela#6419
    If you are only playing the game at 1080p or less, this mod may not be necessary. Text only stops scaling up to 1080p resolution (as far as I know). It's possible this mod will only cause issues if you play the game at less than 1080p resolution.
    These fonts were NOT my creation! They were found and extracted from the Russian  🇷🇺  version of KOTOR which inexplicably has larger fonts with a variety of sizes, on top of being able to work in English as well. I was also not the first person to discover these files, that credit belongs to user Drazgar!
      I do not claim these files to be my own, I simply uploaded them here to share with the community after not finding them anywhere else.


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