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About Me

 My Prefered KOTOR Mods:





Brotherhood of Shadow Solomon's Revenge
(Extract in KOTOR install folder)

Widescreen Mod UNIWS:

KOTOR 1 Community Patch

KotOR High Resolution Menus

HD UI Menu Pack


K1 Main Menu Widescreen Fix

KotOR 1 Remastered (AI Upscaled) Cutscenes

HD Brotherhood of Shadow Solomon's Revenge (BoSSR) Portraits

Very Nice! Load Screens for KotOR

Gaffi Stick Improvement

NPC Overhaul Mod (delete N_admrlsaulkar.mdx + N_admrlsaulkar.mdl files before install)

Sunry Murder Recording Enhancement

Selphadur's Kotor Texture Redux

HD PC Portraits

Weapon Base Stats Re-balance (K1)

Health Regeneration

Rece's Upgradeable Vanilla Robes

Animated Cantina Sign for KotOR

Revan's Flowing Cape and Belt Fix

Sherruk - Attacks With Lightsabers

>Juhani Real Cathar Head

>K1 Better Twi'lek Male Heads

>Bearded PMHC01 Head Replacement

>Effixian's Bearded PMHC04


>Fen's - Jolee Iconic Colors-1192 v1

>Fen's - Carth-1180 v1 (Face Only)

>HD Carth Onasi 1.0 (Clothes Only)

>Fen's - Mission-1182 v1

>Quanons HK-47 Reskin

>Fen's - Zaalbar-1185 v1

>Fen's - Canderous-1183 v1 (Face Only)

>Fen's - Bastila-1184 v1

Invisible Head Gear K1

HD NPC Portraits

Dantooine Training Lightsabers

high polly grenades

HQ_Skyboxes-69 v1-2

HQ_Skyboxes-69 v1-2 - Optional BoSSR-69 v1-0

High Quality Cockpit Skyboxes (Medium Quality)

The EbonHawk-HDTP R1 (Remove LEH_scre03.tga)

Ebon Hawk Texture Enhancement (Remove LEH_scre03.tga)

K1 Galaxy Map Fix Pack

High Quality Starfields and Nebulas

Kill Marlena

>Helena Shan Improvement

>Calo Nord

>HD Twilek female

>HD Yuthura Ban 1.0

>HD Darth Malak

>Lyn Sekla Legends

>Marlena Venn Legends

>Vrook HD International Global mod

>JC's Slave Bastila for K1

>Vrook HD International Global mod

>Spectral Ajunta Pall Canonical Appearance

Ajunta Pall's Swords Revamped (No Weapon Overhaul Mod option)

Legends - Ajunta Pall's Blade (compatibility option)

Party Model fixes and HD Bastila
(USE: Bastila: option 1, Carth: delete both tga files)

Desert Wraid & Shyrack Texture Fix

Emperor Turnip's HD Rakghouls

Emperor Turnip's HD Dewback

Korriban Academy Workbench

grass_HD v0.7

Day Kashyyyk HD 1

Animated Manaan Cantina Sign

Holocron Icon Replacement

Repeating blaster attacks restoration 1.0.1




Vrook and Zhar fix

Light Side Ending Masters

HD Pazaak Cards

Another Tach Noise Replacer

JC's Korriban Back in Black

HD KT-400 military droid carrier and Lethisk-class armed freighter

HD Fire and Ice, Whee!

[K1] Animated Swoop Screen [TSLPort]

[K1] Blue and Purple Lightsaber Hilt Replacement Hilts

[K1] Yellow and Red Double-Bladed Lightsaber Replacement Hilts

K1 Galaxy Map Fix Pack 1.1

JC's Blaster Visual Effects

JC's Lightsaber Visual Effects

JC's Vision Enhancement

High Quality Blasters

Senni Vek Restoration

Sharina Fizark Restoration

Juhani Lightsaber Fix

Genoharadan - Light Side

Improved Grenades

Balanced Pazaak

Leviathan Differentiated Dialogue

Ebon Hawk Camera Replacement

Trandoshans Rescaled

[K1] Saber Throw Knockdown Effect

Sith Soldier Texture Restoration

Sneak Attack 10 Restoration

Bendak Bounty Non Dark Side Option

Canderous Final Conversation Timing Adjustment

Gaffi Stick Improvement

JC's Mandalorian Armor

Mandalorian Assault Armor Restoration

Effixians Keep Companian Default Clothing