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  1. Ep. IX Rey's Lightsaber for K1

    *Note: If you still have not seen Star Wars: Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker and are sensitive to spoilers, please watch the movie before installing this mod.
    I apologize for some of the low quality images, I use the GOG version of the game without any graphics mods so the in-game screenshots aren't very representative of how the lightsaber actually looks in-game.
    1. Description: 
    This mod adds Rey's lightsaber (and saber crystal) from the end of episode IX to KOTOR. 
    2. How to Access: 
    Rey's saber crystal can be purchased from Yuka Laka's droid shop on Tatooine for 10000 credits. From there, place it into any lightsaber's colour crystal slot.
    The lightsaber can also be spawned in using the console command: "giveitem sa_reysaber" or "giveitem sa_reycrystal" for the crystal.
    3. Installation Instructions (PC): 
    Download and extract the zip file. Run TSLPatcher. 
    4. Compatibility:
    This mod uses lightsaber slot and lightsaber crystal slot 34. Any other mods that occupy these slots will be incompatible with this mod.
    5. Other notes:
    This mod was converted from a lightsaber hilt within Plasma's Lightsaber Hilt Collection mod for Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. Plasma has me given me permission to convert his mod to KOTOR and upload it. All credit for the model and texture goes to him, I only converted it to KOTOR and created the KOTOR lightsaber icon. Please check out his original mod at: https://jkhub.org/files/file/3552-lightsaber-hilt-collection/
    The icon for Rey's lightsaber crystal was borrowed from Kaidon Jorn's Schematic Lightsaber Mod. He indicated that as long as he was credited for the original work, it could be used in other mods.
    This is my first mod, so please let me know if you have any problems or suggestions!
    6. Very special thanks to:
    The original mod author:
    - Plasma
    Everyone who helped teach and guide me along the way:
    - Stormie97 
    - DarthParametric
    - Rooxon 
    The creator of the lightsaber crystal icon:
    - Kaidon Jorn
    The creators of the excellent modding tools I used during the creation of this mod:
    - Fred Tetra (Kotor Tool)
    - stoffe (TSL Patcher)
    - bead-v (KOTORmax, MDLEdit)
    - mrwonko (GLM Importer and Exporter) 
    - Fair Strides (TSL Patcher)
    - ndix UR (tga2tpc)
    Lastly, a special thank you to anyone and everyone who installs this mod, hope you enjoy it!
    7. Redistribution:
    This mod may redistributed as long as proper credit is given to myself for the porting process and lightsaber icon, Plasma for the original lightsaber hilt model and texture, as well as Kaidon Jorn for the lightsaber crystal icon.
    8. Legal:
    This modification is provided as-is and is not supported by BioWare Corp or LucasArts in any capacity. Please use this file at your own risk, neither I nor BioWare or LucasArts are responsible for any damages to your equipment incurred by the usage of this file.


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