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  1. Thanks JCarter it worked. Now, can you fix the rest of my life.....😁
  2. Tried this file to stop Lashowe, but it didn't work. For some reason I have 2 lots of override folders. One is in the restored content folder and the other is a general folder under games in my GOGgalaxy folder. I've tried to the file in both. Do I get impressed points from Uthar if I tell on Yuthara? I wanted her to go light side.
  3. I don't have the sisters mod, but I am having trouble with Atris. How the hell do I end the fight with her? I have no force powers for her at all. I actually barely spoke to her. I don't have many grenades and only a coupla medpacs. ??? 😲
  4. thanks leilukin i will get onto that. If nothing else I'll get more Raphael Sbarge to listen to 😍
  5. i used the patcher for them and for altrevrom 2.0, from nexus😩. so - looks like I'll be starting a new game? But i will download your 3.1.1 altrevrom. Thankyou for helping and for the mods ☺️
  6. hi. having prob with TSL. i'm on nar shaddaa and i have the transponder code from Tubb. we then switch to cut scene of the ebon hawk leaving NS. a new screen loads which gives me another cut scene of the zhug bros talking in the cantina. once that ends i end up back on the landing platform with mira atton and t3. i cant access the hawk, it tells me i need a new registration. if i go back to tubb he does nothing. i have the tslrc mod, restoring dustil, revan alternate romance and romance atton with male exile, is this a common problem and are there fixes?