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  1. Thanks for the information, that makes a lot more sense than what I was trying previously. This in particular is very useful info, however I can't access the contents of global.jrl as my JRL Editor just crashes as soon as I try to launch it.
  2. Much like the title suggests, I'm having issues with creating a script that's capable of both ending an active quest and awarding the PC some XP as a result. I've been using the two following lines of code to try to achieve this: //Using this line to end the quest by removing it from the journal. RemoveJournalQuestEntry(tat_IzizCaptive); //Using this line to award XP to oPC GiveXPToCreature(oPC, 250); However, when compiling so I can take it for a test run, compiling ends as it runs into syntax errors such as "Undeclared identifier 'tat_IzizCaptive' or 'oPC'" in the script. I've never done a script for this before so evidently I'm doing something wrong here I just can't quite figure out what. To be completely fair I likely inputted the quest name incorrectly as I'm unable to find the journal entry name. I have JRL Editor but that won't run even with all the DLLs present. EDIT: I realised I need to define the oPC identifier with "object oPC = GetFirstPC();" so I've solved that issue. It's mainly just the quest ending and whatnot that's the main issue now. I know I need to create an identifier for the string a string to identify the quest using "GetJournalEntry" but I'm not entirely sure how.
  3. I don't have too much experience when it comes to modding KotOR myself, and I haven't even touched TSL yet, however I have thought of something like this for KotOR before. I know that on Taris in the Undercity there are certain groups of Rakghouls that will respawn when you leave and go back and similarly on Dantooine if you head out of certain areas you've cleared and return there, things will respawn such as in the Grove and the area outside the Temple. If I am correct I belive that it will be a certain script that triggers when the PC enters the module that checks to see which NPCs are in it. If the player had just run past everything and the script is able to see that all the NPCs are still alive, it'll do nothing at all, however, if a certain amount has been killed, or even all of them, then it will see this and spawn everything back in when the PC re-enters the module. I'm sorry that I'm not actually able to provide you with any actual script but I hope this can help with getting you started & I hope that someone else might be able to provide you with more understanding to get you in the right direction. If you're able to however, it might be worth trying to determine which scripts trigger the respawns for Dantooine and Taris and using KotOR Tool to extract them as an NCS file, then using something like DeNCS to decompile them to an NSS to read them with something like KotOR Scripting Tool so you can see how they're structured and possibly replicate them.
  4. All right, I'll give that a read now. Thanks again for your help. EDIT: After reading through the PDF that comes with TSLPatcher, I'm assuming that for creating a MOD file, I'd need to create my own one for tat_m20aa since there isn't one already existing for that module? I'm also assuming that I'd be putting the Script Source files into said MOD file so the patcher can compile them.
  5. Thanks for the info, I was planning on using TSLPatcher however I'm not sure I know what module injection is.
  6. This works absolutely beautifully! I actually can't thank you enough for all your help. I never could have done any of this myself with my current skillset! All I plan on doing now is a little modification of the quest with Iziz so that the player can go back to Iziz and tell him of their actions and it's done. I should be okay for that part, but I really can't thank you enough for all you've done!
  7. I just tried out the animations and they both look and work great! I genuinely can't thank you enough for all of this. I'll need to take the time soon to learn all of this myself.
  8. That makes sense. I'll have to look into that and do some learning, I don't know much about spuermodels. I'll make do with what we've achieved for now and stick with petrification.
  9. Alright, I'll test out your script in the meantime and see how it goes for me. Thanks for your time and help by the way! I really appreciate it. EDIT I replaced the old script and tested it and it all works fine. Of course the animations, much like you said, aren't there. But it's a step closer.
  10. You're right! I didn't think at all, my bad haha. You'll find my dlg attached. tat20_06jawa_01.dlg
  11. Unfortunately, after testing, it still doesn't work. The conversation ends and there are no DS points awarded, nor do the Jawas become hostile. I'm wondering if it might be related to the way I've designed the dialogue file.
  12. Thanks for the information! I'll try it when I'm home later and get back to you with the results.
  13. I recently started doing a small mod as practice for working on other mods in the future. In the mod, I need to make a specific dialogue options result in combat between the PC and at least 2 NPCs and give the PC some Dark Side Points. I've Googled around and have been unable to find anything relating to the subject except for in Fair Strides' Script Shack. I tried what I found but I am by no means an expert in C# and am barely a beginner, and thus my code doesn't produce any results. My code is as follows: Any help would be appreciated. Also, apologies if there is already a forum thread on this subject, I did what research I could and couldn't find anything myself.
  14. That's a good idea. I also noticed that BoS created its own PC.utc file so I copied it and edited it to match my character but this didn't seem to do anything when I injected it into my save. I'll try modifying Trask and seeing what happens.
  15. I'm done making a copy of the original scoundrel class. For now I'll just change any of the party members and direct them toward Scoundrel instead of CombatDroid. I'm still trying to find a way to change the equipment screen despite how many things are pointing toward that being impossible for K1. My mindset is this: In mods like "Brotherhood of Shadow" that add new party members, they have to be assigned an equip screen right? And iirc there is a droid-based NPC in Brotherhood of Shadow and I know that editing the inventory type for an NPC is not the same as doing so for the PC, there has to be some clue there? Or maybe I'm just being too hopeful. Either way I'm going to dig around the files in that mod for a bit and see what I can find.