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  1. FOR K1R 1. This occurred before I could get the game running. 2. Yes 3. Steam 4. Yes 5. Original installation 6. None 7. TSL patcher with the mod returns "An uhandled error occurred" when selecting "Yes" to install 8. Yes 9. There are no save games 10. I couldn't get it to install, so there wouldn't be much point. 11. Win10 (64) 12. N/A
  2. Recently, I came back to Kotor after about a 10 year absence and wanted to try out some mods, since I'm well familiar with the original (the best rpgs tend to stay with you, I've found). The first mod that I tried installing was Kotor Restoration with the TSL patcher. According to all the tutorials out there, it's a matter of simply extracting and running the executable. Now whereas they just hit Install and then Yes, upon selecting Yes I get a "Warning: An unhandled error occurred!" message. After spending a day or two snooping around the net I have yet to find a solution to this issue that doesn't lead to a non-existent site (Lucas Forums), or a dead link. So, anyone have any ideas how to get this working and if there isn't a way, can I do this manually? I've been modding games for 7 years-ish, so I'm not gonna be shy about moving files around if I got no other choice. This is a Steam copy of Kotor running on a Win10 (64bit) OS. Thanks in advance.