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  1. Mind sharing your mind? Have you spotted some kind of flaw in project?
  2. As do I! Is this good or bad? Because this kind of installer makes README files redundant I've started on writing "Credits log" featuer which will display authors of installed modification and tools that makes them possible. Of course there is potential manual labour in that since not all mods have filled readme, but it only need to be done once
  3. I'm not sure if this topic belongs here, so please inform me if and where should I move it. I've written a simple CLI python App for installing mods based on yaml file. Example config below: sh_animated_cantina_sign: file_name: "SH_AnimatedCantinaSign.7z" type: "Suggested" thigh-high_boots_for_twilek_body: file_name: "[K1]_Thigh-High_Boots_For_Twilek_Body_MODDERS_RESOURCE.7z" type: "Recommended" variants: npc_replacement: path: "NPC Replacement" malak_hd_dark_hope: file_name: "Malak.rar" type: "Suggested" variants: blue_eyes: path: "Malak (Blue Eyes)" delete_files: - "N_JediMalekH02.tga" I don't know if KOTOR community have ANY need for such a thing. I had found a great pleasure in using DAOModInstaller and MassEffect3 Mod Installer. I think it's great way to show game for new players without making them spend hours on doing things by hand. At this moment KMI can extract 7z / rar / zip (requies 7-zip installed on host) and move them to override folder (while deleting some files from mod dir if nessesery) Primary target is to create a few "fixtuers" so people would just get zips (unfortutnatly from many sources at this time, we have DS, Nexus, some megaupload links, filefront etc. so I don't see option for making it without manual downloading anytime soon) Of course anyone intrested can edit YAML file which allows changing order of mod installation etc. In long shot I'd like to at least handle conflict between mods and make KMI able to wait for additional user input. What do you think? Is anyone intrested in this project? I'm open to new ideas or simple suggestions / requiments. After all I don't want to end as only user. PS I'll make code public after cleaning. It's horrible mess. I'm also in progress of making bins for windows.
  4. Ok, I am back in the game. So here's what I'm doing: Kotor tool -> export mdl (let's say p_bastilaba.mdl) -> mdlops -> converting it to asci -> NWMax -> I'am not editing a thing, just select main node and export it back Then mdlops07a2 - I'm trying to convert my model again, but I'm getting error: Negative length at MDLOpsM.pm line 448 Can anybody help me? I tried to search answer myself, but I have failed miserably. (Any clue will be cool, I'm a programmer soo there's this little chance I can fix it )
  5. Hi, I was searching for "step by step" instruction for title problem, but I can't find one. After reading through this board, I'm still not sure what to do. Is there someone who's able to make a list of what tools (and which) I should use to export a model from the game, make it readable for 3dsmax and import it back to check changes?