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  1. Are the links to download the TLK and changelog files down? I tried downloading them, but I received an error message stating they were not found.
  2. I understand if you don't want to release your more polished variant, which you said is custom-tailored to a modification of yours, but I am curious about what changes you made. As soon as I receive a release with most of the typos and misspellings corrected, I will probably go further myself because I also noticed there are many instances of missing commas when it comes to introductory words and clauses. There are also a lot of ellipses I would rather see replaced with commas. The last thing I'd like to see changed for myself is consistent spelling variants for any given country/region. Since I am American, I have changed all the non-American spelling variants to the American variants. It would also be interesting to have the dialog checked with professional-grade software like Grammarly Pro. I've double-checked a lot of dialog/text instances with Grammarly Pro. They have many good suggestions and let you know proper punctuation with periods, commas, and semicolons.
  3. I thought of maybe adding [Lie], [Success], and [Failure] tags where they appear to maybe be missing. For instance, if you choose to lie to the Jedi Council on Dantooine about being interested in following the light side in becoming a Jedi, all of the lies appear to have a [Success] result on the Council members' responses, except for one where Vandar accepts your lie as truth, but there is no [Success] tag. With that said, here are some of the ones I've noticed and would consider adding the following tags to certain lines of dialog. 6907: [Success] Good. It is well that you see how important this is and have the devotion to follow it. 14982: [Success] Hah! He's a fool. I can make preparations to resist any poisons. Thank you for telling me... now I will be far stronger than Uthar expects. 14978: [Success] Good. I'm not about to rest on my laurels, however. 26982: [Failure] What... what do you mean? My husband was sure it was worth 500 credits. He was so proud... 14627: [Failure] You lie. Still, what matters is the fact that you succeeded. And Lashowe... does she yet live? 6841: [Failure] Lies! Bastila has already told us about this 'Star Forge' and the map you found! 27052: [Lie] The plate wasn't worth as much as you said. 27058: [Lie] He paid 200 more than you thought. Here. (I'm not 100% sure on this one, but I think this is the field where you lie to Uthar about acquiring the artifact yourself instead of with Lashowe.) 14763: [Lie] Yes. 9828: [Lie] I don't remember anything about being Revan. Here are a few I'm not sure as to whether or not they should contain tags, but here are some anyway. 33268: [Failure] What are you talking about? The Council must be told of what we found there! 9755: [Failure] And so the lies begin. It was obvious you remembered something back there when Malak confronted you with the truth. It might have only been small pieces, but there was something there! 14629: [Success] You didn't kill her? How very foolish. Now you have an enemy to contend with. The holocron, itself, is an impressive item, however. Of course, it's possible I've overlooked some lines of dialog that could use unique tags, but that's what I thought of so far.
  4. Is there a link where we can download the eXtensive Dialog Overhaul .tlk file? I'm very interested in the dialog fixes you've all been talking about. Thanks.