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  1. KK's Disguise Armband

    This mod adds an item to inventory which you can equip, then use (like an energy shield).
    Once that's done, you navigate a dialog-driven menu (computer interface) to select a head, body, or combination and it applies disguise effects. This will work for the main PC and all the usual party member suspects (though it doesn't specifically support Trask, so he may do odd things under some circumstances).
    There are 4 versions. Any of them should be compatible with everything, though if you've got mods installed that drastically change the order of appearance.2da, everything will point to the wrong things, and if you have content ADDED to appearance.2da, it won't know about that content without some alterations. (Contact me)
    The 4 versions that are here now are:
    KK_Dsg_Band_v1_0b_K1R_and_KK_PC.7z - Direct custom content support for K1R and my custom female PC KK_Dsg_Band_v1_0b_K1R.7z - Direct support for K1R, but not my custom PC KK_Dsg_Band_v1_0b_KK_PC.7z - Direct support for my custom PC, but not for K1R KK_Dsg_Band_v1_0b_BASE.7z - No custom content support (though it still works fine for base-game content)

    Pick your version, run the installer, enjoy. The patcher will make additions to globalcat.2da, spells.2da, igearstore001.utm (Igear's shop, Taris undercity), and
    tar03_selven031.utc (Selven's character template, Taris lower city apartments). It should only append to these using intelligent functions from TSL patcher, and not overwrite or break anything (plus it makes backups). Everything else is new, unique files from me, so if they conflict with anything at all, it's very very strange. (really shouldn't possibly happen).
    As the above files probably suggest, you can loot one from Selven, buy another from Igear, and if two isn't enough, just use the console: "giveitem kk_i_arm_dsg.uti" (no quotes) for as many as you want.
    There's a large readme.txt in the archive, and of course, any other questions, comments, concerns, yadda may be directed to me, and I'll be happy to address them. ^-^


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  2. No Random Fighter Battles

    Couple little re-compiled scripts after modifying the include files to just disable all *random* fighter battles (I got sick of 'em).
    This won't do anything about story-related ones that are meant to happen, but you shouldn't get any more random ones when going planet to planet. Some games, I like to just kinda fly around a lot and it gets really old to have to keep dealing with this little mini-game. Especially on today's faster machines.
    Anyways, drop 'em in override. If they conflict, you're already using something that modifies those scripts, so best to not break whatever you already had going on (don't copy 'em).
    I don't have the source for these anymore, it was a long time ago, in a galax... er, yeah. It was a while back.
    I am planning a major update on this though soon. Not sure if I can do everything I wanna do yet, but I'll find out when I get in there and start breaking fixing stuff. ^-^


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  3. KK's Custom Female PC

    This little mod is actually just a hex-edit of another model (we didn't have shiny tools back then) to point to my new, custom textures, with full DS transitions (though I'm still not super happy with those. Guess I don't play DS often enough to be good at them lol)
    Anyways, the revised version (this one) has the colors toned down a little. I got a bit carried away with the original, or maybe the high res I can play in now just makes them stand out a lot more, but in any case, I'm happier with them now.
    I also went ahead and made it all TSL Patcher happy, so the modifications it needs to make to appearance.2da, heads.2da, and portraits.2da will merely add to those files, and not break anything (thus, ensuring compatibility). Everything else is uniquely named, so this "head" will appear as an additional (16th) choice for a starting female character and not replace any "core content".
    The versions of my armband gizmo with KK_PC in their name support this mod, while other versions of the band will work, but it won't know about this content.
    Anyways, enjoy. ^-^


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