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  1. Hi, I've posted a comment on PrimalClarity's YouTube clips; the JO teaser and Jedi Outcast trailer 2, asking if they would like to collaborate with the mod I'm making.. Fingers crossed
  2. I may give these versions a look ☺
  3. I just looked up YouTube and had a look at this clip stating 'WHY THE LAST JEDI IS ACTUALLY BRILLIANT', I couldn't continue watching on when the uploader says that TLJ was different from TFA as in, it wasn't another rehash of the OT... Yes, people can be this stupid. In ANH Obi-Wan presented to Luke, Anakin's Lightsaber. Later on in the PT, it is shown how Obi-Wan came into possession of said weapon. In ESB, Luke looses the weapon as it falls into the belly of a Gas giant.. BESPIN. In ROTJ, Luke builds a replacement Lightsaber. CONTINUITY In ST, "Where did you get that?", "A good question, for another time."... ??????????????????????????????? The ST is a remake of the OT which masqerades as a sequel to it. So the reason they leave the massive plot hole open about the Lightsaber is, because that weapon was as good as gone.. FOREVER(They may of well as made it a force ghost lightsaber for all accounts lol). The Lightsaber was used as a plot device so that there could be a Saber duel, that they'll leave for the star wars story group to retcon an explanation for in its convient return. Here, I'll solve the Lightsaber debaucle right now. At Maz Kanatas, in that box it should of been Lukes ROTJ Lightsaber, they are so feckin stupid it hurts. Edit: For you clever ones, in ROTJ, Luke throws away his weapon on the Death Star, only to have it reappear on Endor.. 1. Could of picked it back up(nah) 2. Had a spare(nah) 3. Built another Saber whilst rebuilding the Jedi Order(yeah). So, at Maz's, its Lukes new saber in the box.
  4. @Hassat Hunter I agree with you and to reply to your status update I'll say this.. It is a sad day because TLJ's lightspeed collision scene was more than just a visual effect, it was a symbolic gesture of the shattering of whats came before - Aldo turns the ship around(faces the past so to speak) and obliterates the followers. Ren says kill the past, this is sheer hypocrisy on the writers behalf - for these sequels are remakes of the OT and to maximize profit they begrudgingly have to accept the existing fanbase, while gaining new fans and then shedding themselves off, of the old fans... Its classic 'coukoo' strategy. For anyone having trouble with 'its an ESB remake statement'... A lot of people don't get the Canto Bight part in the film. I'll explain. A splinter group of the protagonists go to a location to find someone who can help them but they ultimately get betrayed by the one who was meant to help them... Mmmkay, thats just what happens with Lando in Cloud City where people are meant to be well off.. "with the people of the clouds" comment to Leia.
  5. Hello Salk, I was just logging-in to share an update on the mod but I'll elaborate on what you've seen of my Redemption mod on JKHub. That is version one of my mod which I used eezstreets mod as a base for mine - it was early days in modding Outcasts source and his mod was the most stable build, to 'build' of from. Version one of my mod has nowhere near the amount of features that will be introduced in its next release and will not need his mod for mine to work. Since the release of the source code anyone can have a go at modding it; there are many mods in the works at the moment. Update time.. I'm having issues once again with TrueView 2.0. I'm almost half-way there in solving the problems but it will mostly be compromises and clever little workarounds that will get the job done. The main problem with TV 2.0 is, to get the result with the first person gun and visible legs, what they've done to achieve this is switching of the models arms... So when it comes to sabering the arms of enemies, they don't dismember but create a dismembered arm anyway Eezstreet thinks he has solved this(or has lost interest) but his attempt doesn't work, so I'm trying to tackle it myself. I will keep at it. Thank you for your interest EDIT: 13/02/18 I've sorted out both of my coding issues and I'm quite pleased. I better quit with the thread hi-jack so, if this mod of mine interests you, pop on over to ModDB and have a chat http://www.moddb.com/mods/star-wars-jedi-outcast-redemption Kind Regards
  6. I had to disable TrueView 2.0 because it was causing bugs with dismemberment and also when switching from 1st person to 3rd person; the previous weapon would still be held whilst holding another. The man who ported/implemented the code for JK2E, hasn't fixed this or is aware of it even. I could have another go at getting it to work right since my coding knowledge has improved if you would like?
  7. What do you think of trueview then, Salk? Immersion is greatly improved like
  8. Sorry for the necro but, new mods are underway which I believe will breathe new life into these games! I've not played DarkForces II, it was the game I knew about when I was a kid but couldn't play because of not being able to access it - didn't have a PC at the time but Outcast on the other hand, was EPIC and still is to this very day. Check out my upcoming mod of it over on ModDB/JKHub or check out my YouTube clips of the mods progress http://www.moddb.com/mods/star-wars-jedi-outcast-redemption https://jkhub.org/topic/7942-jedi-outcast-redemption/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqGj6y_TcHNdVgSeEq4kZsg Edit: Deleted recogition of a mod. One slight deserves another.
  9. Thank you both for the kind words and the publicity here on DeadlyStream Its comments like this that keep my enthusiasm high. Thanks for the motivation, its a good push that I need to get on with it and get it done asap!
  10. What d'you mean? If you meant by their controller support through STEAM then, I am already using it, but also using XPADDER to assign switch weapons and solo mode keys to the triggers. I want to move the traget actions from being over the head of a target to around where the action gui is placed to the bottom left of the screen (tsl). An idea I've got so far, is to: - move hostile force to the action slot 0 - move grenades to an as of yet uneditted action slot (will decide on which later on) I deleted the name bar once and it looked good not having it in the way (immersion improved), but target actions were still there, just not visible. I think I can move hostile force and grenade slot to an action slot from what I've seen in spells.2da. I'll move the other actions to where I see fit later. I want to try and put the stance action button in the character/player screen (in that empty square would do nicely I think). What d'you reckon?
  11. All attempts of moving the target actions have been a failure. Drewtons improvement mod showed the target actions situated bottom-middle, I cannot figure it out. aaarrrrggghhhh... This is what bugs and frustrates me. Any help in understanding this?
  12. Alright pal, here you go... Its nowhere near finished by any means, I'm still seeing what I can and can't do which is taking most of the time. I've done the portraits repositioning (except for that green background texture; dunno where it is in the file yet) I'm still not sure on how I want the layout to be as well. EDIT: Forgot to mention, got rid of the pause and combat engaged graphic.
  13. Well I'm running native resolution of 1920x1080, so to see if it works I was going to change the res but, there is no 800x600 option. I couldn't be bothered reinstalling the retail version again to check, but anyways it doesn't look as if the pc has the xbox textures through STEAM. Anyhows, I've been trying to copy the layout of the X-Box hud and have made some progress but... You see I want the health/name bar to not be attached to the blooming target; all I can do is move it up and make it smaller! I would like to have a default placement like how you're portrait stays put. Can anyone help?
  14. Thank you for the suggestion, I'll look into the x file and try to get it going. Cheers
  15. Hi, I was wondering if it can be implemented. Since I play with a controller, its a bit messy with the objects/NPC's name as well as the attack actions being in the center of the screen. I managed to move the "COMBAT MODE ENGAGED" graphic, but before I go and tinker through that file (very time consuming)... If I could somehow tell the game to use the X-Box hud, if at all its in the pc files. The reason is that in gui.bif there is a portcust_p.gui, which caught my interest. Maybe I'm wrong but I'm new to KotOR modding