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  1. Doing a livestream md analysis on The Nina Anthology mod for Jedi Academy


  2. Hello,

    If you are free, may I ask you some questions for something I am researching? 

  3. Streaming Cathalan for kotor 2

  4. After all these years, I finally made another mod analysis video. I tried changing how I make these videos and I hope to improve on the new format with the next one.

  5. Streaming some JKA Singleplayer mods on youtube

  6. For a change of pace and for the sake of doing something different (because I really need to do something different from kotor content before I go mad): tomorrow I plan on streaming some jedi academy mods on youtube.

  7. I am in need of answers. Please answer my question, I am in need of perspective.

    1. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      Left a brief reply!

    2. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      @KexikusIs it finally time to make a fixed skybox for Cathalan?

  8. Streaming Czerka Commando now

    1. LDR


      Oooh I remember this mod!

  9. Query: who do I talk to to change my name on this website. Been wanting to ask that for a while.

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    2. Sith Holocron
    3. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      Admin level, not moderators though can help you with this 

    4. VarsityPuppet


      DM me if you want your name changed

  10. I'm gonna livestream 90sk's mod Edge of Darkness, come and join me


  11. I feel... Inspired...

  12. Haven't been active on deadlystream in a long time. What I miss? (aside from a lot and Sith Holocron's retirement)

    In case anyone asks, I've been more active as a developer on Star Wars: Galactic Legacy, a mod for Jedi Academy. I haven't had a lot of interest or energy to do anything kotor related in a long time. The spark and inspiration isn't there at the moment. I'm kind of burnt out.

    The sad thing is I recorded footage for czerka commando that would get deleted for storage reasons and started a script that never got finished. Will it happen? yes. will it happen soon? I'm not making anymore promises. plus i have other passions projects I've been on and off on for a while.

    1. Basil Bonehead

      Basil Bonehead

      Well part of this didn't hold up well since I never went back to making that video and have no desire to at this point in time.


      Oh well...

  13. I still live. Just finishing up my semester. Still have no idea what I'm going to do next in terms of the next mod analysis entry

    1. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      Why not do N-DreW25's GenoHaradan Legacy DEMO?  You've already covered the other GenoHaradan mod by Exile007.  Now you not only get to cover a different take on it, but can also compare and contrast between the two versions.

    2. Basil Bonehead

      Basil Bonehead

      I'd rather wait for it to be finished to compare and contrast every aspect about N-DreW25s version, Exile007s version, and the TSLRP version

  14. Next mod analysis video won't be for a while. It'll be a micro analysis of all the (or at least the more interesting) loot from the Yavin IV mod. The next mod after that. I have no idea. All I know is that I need to get my head straight due to college metaphorically putting me in a body cast and my mental health being on the fritz. 

    The next mod analysis will happen. Don't know when but it'll happen.

    1. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      My next video might help give you a respite then. And it's on a mod that you don't have access to so it'll be new material for mostly everyone.