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  1. Yeah, i used a save outside the tomb before talking with the Sith Woman outside said tomb to get the info about the quest.
  2. Thanks for the replies guys, i'll try them out. From my own experience, the DarthDac's Warpband is incompatible with Brotherhood of Shadow. For some reason, instead of doing the warp console function, when you activate the warpband with Brotherhood of Shadow installed, it just summons one of those Shadows that are like "OH DO YOU WANT ME TO GIVE YOU POWER, REVAN?!" or whatever. However, i havent tested the others yet.
  3. Im not sure whats going on myself since there doesnt seem to be any other enemy targets while im stuck in combat after the 'last' droid/mine gets destroyed. I have made sure to pick up the sound dampener as soon as i first come across the corpse and even go into stealth mode before clicking on the door. Ive even tried planting mines next to the door to see if it'll do anything if it is indeed a droid stuck in there but no joy. I mean i guess its fine since i had enough prestige to move on anyways but i really wanted to complete all the tombs on this playthrough. I'll probably redo my install by the next time i do a playthrough of KOTOR 1 anyways.
  4. It could be that it keeps spawning a droid IN the door frame since sometimes i get stuck in combat after the (seemingly) last droid and have to manually disengage. That and i spawned a Shadow from Brotherhood of Shadow by accident and they got stuck in the door too (and not being able to be seen from my position) which is where i got that idea from. Either that or the script which checks for all the droids/mines being destroyed isnt activating/completing properly but i dont see any files that would relate to that in my override so its probably not that. I have talked to the Sith outside the tomb whom mentions the droid each time (i saved before talking to her) I do have K1R installed but i dont think its the culprit since nobody else has mentioned the problem in the K1R part of the forum despite my best efforts at searching with different terms, which is why i made my post here instead of in the K1R part of the forum.
  5. Stuck on the quest where you have to try and deal with the Crazy assassin droid that hates sound in the Tomb of Marko Ragnos on Korriban. No matter what i try, when i get to the door that you have to open, it just wont open (citing the message in the topic title). I've dealt with all the droids, equipped the sound dampener belt, removed both companions and made sure i dont have any other types of stealth belts in my inventory. I dont have any files which modify that module (or at least as far as i know) so i just dont know whats going on. I've reloaded my save outside the tomb maybe 6-7 times now and its getting quite frustrating. Im wondering if there are any globals (numerical or boolean) that i can change in KSE to force the door to open or to force a certain outcome of the quest if that failed.