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    Ever since I played KotOR 2 I wondered why there was such a drastic change in the Jedi's clothing between the games. I would always replay KotOR 1 in hopes of having the same robes as TSL, and this mod does exactly that. You really made one of my dream mods come true
  1. That's not it but thanks a lot! I just found it: T7's saber pack. I had to look it up as T7nowhere's 👍
  2. Tried looking it up by various terms and I can't seem to find a link (if any) to it. It's a hilt replacement mod that had iirc about 4 or 5 "Lightsaber Types". Each type would be a movie lightsaber. E.G: Type 1: Anakin Blue, Type 2: Luke green. It had an additional terminal in the workbench area to get some lore info on each saber type. I really didn't want to make a topic since I've found just about every mod I used to have from back in the day, and even newer ones, but this is one I'd like to have once again. I do not remember who the author is