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  1. Dagwood757

    Bugs and minor inconveniences with TSLRCM 1.8

    My In game movies crash my game every single time. After the cutscenes finishes, it actually inserts my character into the setting of the cutscene ( i.e. aboard the Harbinger with Sion or aboard Nilhus ship after he chokes visas.) I've deleted my movies folder and disable movies but NOTHING changed... My only downloaded mod is TSLRCM 1.8
  2. Dagwood757

    Kotor II In-game movies

    Gosh that stinks, I disabled automatic updates but I guess that doesn't matter at all...I mean everything in plays an In game video, once it finishes, it inserts me into the setting of where the video took place.
  3. Dagwood757

    Kotor II In-game movies

    I took all the movies out of it AND renamed the empty folder....nothing! It's crazy!
  4. Dagwood757

    Kotor II In-game movies

    I tried and it didnt work:/ its already set to 1, it still doesnt disable the movies...ughhh
  5. Dagwood757

    Kotor II In-game movies

    Its actually already set to 1, should I change it to 0? I will try it anyway, thanks for your help though!
  6. My In-game movies 100% of the time crash my game.....how do I disable them?
  7. Dagwood757

    Kotor II TSLCRM

    I am completely new to the whole modding thing, I downloaded Knights II on steam last night, then downloaded the Content Restoration Mod. I finally got the game to start working but alas, the mod has done nothing. What did I do wrong? I downloaded the installer, installed the mod, chose my language, applied it to the right folder....nothing! Please help guys!